Completion of Winter in Norway

It is well known about Norway and its cold. We have successfully completed the winter in our working District. We were so excited about winter before and have enjoyed the snow and performed our duties. It was warm coordination and cooperation from all youth leaders, volunteers, staffs who always make us energetic in freezing environment outside.

We arranged Nepali Lunch to all the staffs of District Office. We tried the best to prepare good Nepali foods. Positive response from staffs really had nice smile on our faces. We made Pulau(rice item), Allu Achar (Potato item), Allu Chops, Piyajee chops (Onion item), Momo (Dumpling), etc. It was nice moment to share about our daily meals in our country. We also attended Information night in District office where we talked about our presence and YDEP.

Cooperation Meeting of District Youth Board Telemark with Vastfold Redcross

Cooperation Meeting of District Youth Board Telemark with Vastfold Redcross

We attended Movie Night of BARK Skien Red Cross and watched Movie along with 15 children. We also had part of Flexid for first time. We watched movie about refugee. It was fun with joining the participants for Bowling. District Youth Board was also organized cooperation meeting with Vastfold Red Cross where we helped them and met representative from Vastfold. Leader of National Youth Board was attended this meeting and presented about the National Youth Activities and relevant subjects.

Apart from this, we invited from Ingrid’s family, current youth delegate for Colombia. We visited her house with Kristi and had nice time with them. Lastly, we were visited by 3 friends from Rogaland District. They were from National Youth Red Cross and Local Youth Red Cross. We spent our time with them talking about our works, cracked jokes, visited Notodden and sight seeing of Skien and Porsgrunn.