Celebration of World AIDS Day in Telemark

Prevention is better than Cure.
Especially when something has no cure

It was not long ago when the term " HIV and AIDS" was introduced in the world. It was medically diagnosed in 1981. Now there are 34 million People globally who are living with HIV. About 3.9 million young people aged 15 to 24 are living with HIV who represent 34% of newly infected adults.Less than half of the youth population have accurate basic knowledge of HIV Transmission.

 Every year, 1st of December is marked as World AIDS Day worldwide. We organized some program for showing our solidarity for allthe people living with HIV and aware people about HIV and AIDS. We made " HIV and AIDSAwareness Stand" infront of  Henry House in Porsgrunn. We distributed brochures related to HIVand AIDS awarenss, red ribbons and condoms. We asked people about AIDS and encouraged them to use condom. Some of people were curious and asked many questions about our stand and AIDS. We tried our best to clarifytheir queries. Since the Stand was outside, we had to struggle with cold weather  but we were feeling pretty fine to create awareness about AIDS to the youths and adults.


Similarly, we participated in an activity organized by Skien Røde Kors Ungdom in the occasion of World AIDS Day. We talked about HIV AIDS in present condition. We discussed with volunteers about the status of HIV AIDS in their country. We also shared our government policy and activity of National Society regarding HIV AIDS awareness program. It was nice to tell story related to HIV AIDS from our country. We knew practices, concept, view of people, misconception, misunderstanding in different society. We arranged a quiz related to HIV and AIDS for the volunteers and the winning team was awarded with condoms. 


In developing country like Nepal, there are lots of stigmas related to HIV. People having HIV are not treated normally in the society. Many of the patients are forced to keep quiet about their condition and live isolated life. In Nepal, every year we mark World AIDS Day with various awareness programs.

Awareness Campaign organized by Ramechapp District Chapter, Nepal Red Cross Society on World AIDS Day, 2016

Awareness Campaign organized by Ramechapp District Chapter, Nepal Red Cross Society on World AIDS Day, 2016


Public awareness is the major factor to minimize stigma related to HIV and AIDS. The wrong concept of society should be changed and uplift the dignity of patient living with HIV.  All people must show their solidarity for HIV prevention. Celebration of the day should not be the ultimate goal but it should rather be the start of  actions for creating better world for People living with HIV.   

Here is a video that we ,12 Youth Delegates from the 4 corners of the world made to mark World AIDS Day 2016.