Street Meditation for Young Boys

Prevention is better than Cure.

‘STREET MEDIATION’ is one of the unique and important terminology that we were introduced in Norway. Our curiosity came to rest when we got Street Mediation Course for 36 hours in Headquarter of Norwegian Red Cross, Oslo.  Ever since we completed the course, we wanted to do the workshop in our district, Telemark. Finally, with the support and coordination of District coordinator of Street Mediation, Ms. Gloria Leiyan, our wish came true. 

Our aspiration came true when we started our Street Meditation course for the young boysof age group 13-15 years old from URÆDD Football Club, Porsgrunn. We started the course from mid of November and ended it on 15th of February. We had 2.5 hours per session for 6 evening. We did the workshop along with Ms. Gloria Leiyan.

We separated our portion and discussed and practised some roleplay before the session. It really solidified our confident and taking the feedback from every session corrected our errors for betterment of next session. We hoped that we got the balance task to perform during session since it was first time as facilitating for other. All the participants showed their attention and respect for us which accelerated our  energy about course. 

Street Mediation Course is the new relevant method in our country. Youth are unable to figure out the cause and solution of conflict. It leads desolation of individual as well as their family. So, Street Mediation can act as a capsule that can provide youths with the tools to handle their conflict in a positive way.

Certification after Bowling with our Participants.

On the last day of the course, we handled diploms to the 14 participants who successfully completed the course. We took them for bowling and ended the whole workshop at fun note.  During the whole course we got help from one volunteer from Red Cross, Ifrah Sheik Hassan whose contribution helped us in lots of ways. At the end, we felt happy to complete our first Street Mediation Course.