Winter Ferie for Alle in Skinnarbu

Exploring Ice Fishing

Living in wonderful Telemark has given us opportunity to address new holidays. Telemark Red Cross organized  winter Ferie for Alle in Skinnarbu. It was during the winter break from 20th to 23th February. There were 13 families who participated in Ferie for Alle in Skinnarbu. 

We were also given leading role to guide families with coordination with Noomi, Irene, Kennth and Amina; the other volunteers.The journey started from Kragerø and took around 3 hours to reach our destination. Skinnarbu Nasjonalpark hotel was wonderful and the food was delicious. We enjoyed Reindeer meat at excessive amount in our stay.

 It was our first experience to have ice fishing in Norway. Our team was leaded by Irene who had already been in ice fishing. We collected around 13 fishes. It was so difficult in open land at middle of lake and drilled out the snow to make hole and wait for the fish in windy environment. Overall, ice fishing was new experience for us.

We also took part in Ski and Aking in Vierli. The place was well equipped with Ski materials for visitors. We tried to learn how to get normal entertainment that Norwegian people have with Ski.  All the family members got themselves in playing with things. We enjoyed each and every moments in best style. 

Certified children

On last evening, there was social evet with certification program, film showing and game. All the families were given certificate of participation of Winter Ferie and it was wonderful that many children were certified in different categories. We talked with families during whole entire stay and exchanged our views and experiences with them.  Our Third Ferie for Alle in Norway was overall wonderful and full of learning.