Summer, Jhapa and my follow up work

I  witnessed  how summer feels in Norway even if it was for few days. From what I felt, I can say that Norway really has mild summer. Now, my follow up work has led me to experience real summer where every day is 30 degree Celsius or more (it is hot).

On July, I left my home and traveled to the easternmost district in Nepal, Jhapa to start my follow up work as a Youth Delegate. Jhapa is one of the most developed district in Nepal and among the oldest branch of Nepal Red Cross Society. Nepal Red Cross Society- Jhapa , was established in 1968 A.D.

The District office of Nepal Red Cross Society- Jhapa Branch

My first month was filled up with getting to know the district branch better and the junior and youth circles in Jhapa district. I also gave orientation about Red Cross in few colleges where the youths were interested to open youth circle. In one of such session, my cousin came with me. He was surprised by the works youth volunteers are doing all around the world. When we returned, he started to talk about Red Cross, its history and its work with everyone in the family. I guess there will be two Red Crosser in this family now.

As I met youths from different circles and schools, I was impressed how they are doing so many activities with limited amount of resources. A youth circle based on Damak Multiple Campus publishes a monthly magazine named “Bahumukhi Awaz” (Multiple Voices). This newspaper has provided platform for students to showcase their talents and represent their views. This circle also has “Garden Project” in their college among various other works.

I see one common thing among these youth volunteers i.e. a desire to contribute in their community and motivation to do something different. When I interact with them, I am taken aback to the time when I started to working as a volunteer with the same motivation.