Every year, 5th of December is celebrated as "International Volunteer Day". As a Red Cross volunteer, we are the part of largest humanitarian network. So, what inspires or motivates a person to be a volunteer? We asked this question to several youth volunteers from different parts of the world and different Red Cross National Socities. Scroll down to know what motivates them:

What motivates me and inspires me the most is to see how the work we do affect the vulnerable youth in society and how our volunteernig has a positive affect all over the country. But most of all it is to see how all the volunteers in RCY are growing personally and become better leaders in their core societies.
— Mawra Mahmood, Leader, Røde Kors Ungdom, Norway
What inspires me to be a volunteer is that a society can only work well when everyone contributes something to it.
— Sabrina Konzok, Ambassador of German Red Cross Youth, Germany
My inspiration is my satisfaction. When I help someone,they become happy and sometime they say thankyou.Their smile and happiness give me pleasure and satisfaction and thus my strength is increased day by day to volunteer.Vounteering gives me to spread my connectivity to people of different culture and so cities which help me to learn about differnt culture too.
— Kunal Mishra, Youth volunteer, Nepal Red Cross Society, Nepal
It’s about having a genuine connection with those that I help in my community, instead of only donating money that I don’t know how it will be used. There are alot of other organizations to choose from as volunteer, and by working with red cross I have gained knowledge about humanitarian help and the refugee situation that I would not learn in school.

— Sonja Karlsen, Youth Volunteer, Skien Røde Kors Ungdom, Norway
When I was a student I always looked the activities of Pakistan Red Crescent volunteers that how they are working for the vulnerable people so I applied as a volunteer and today I feel a satisfaction and happiness when I provide my services to the vulnerable and movement.
— Danial Ahsan, Focal Person for Volunteers at Pakistan Red Crescent, Pakistan
The youth have a place to go to inspires me to be a volunteer
— Adrian Eliassen, Leader, Notodden Røde Kors Ungdom, Norway
My motivation at Malagasy Red cross is that we have a big opportunity and avantage because we’re young people and I would like to develop and change our community to do more, do better and reach further.

— Ny Aina Randria`Malala, Volunteer, Croix-Rouge Malagasy, Madagascar
What motivates me is to see progress in what I am doing. Also to see other people happy and thankful motivates me.
— Jan Magne, Second Leader, Rogaland Røde Kors Ungdom, Norway
Well I am motivated by everyone that we can reach out to. Seeing the happiness in the voulenteers, members of red cross and the people we reach out to. It inspires me to be a voulenteer when i get good feedback from the other voulenteers, which I do get in the Red Cross.
— Daniel Larson, Leader, Telemark Røde Kors Ungdom, Norway
I am motivated to volunteer because of the relief that I feel in my soul and in my heart to see people smiling who we help, to see their eyes fill with hope. Seeing them smile, I am happy and it does not matter anymore. It is my life to serve.
— David Fajardo Munoz, Volunteer, Cruz Roja Colombiana, Colombia
It makes me happy when I can make other people happy. I know it sounds really cliche, but when we had the Vær litt kompis activities, there were so many youth that thanked us later and they really enjoyed it. So to get results like that, motivates me. I really love Red Cross also because I see the results immidiately.
— Egle Navickaite, Youth Volunteer, Skien Røde Kors Ungdom, Norway

There are millions of volunteers around the world who are working to serve the humanity and make a world a better place. So, what inspires you to be a volunteer?

Happy International Volunteer Day !!