HA DET BRA Telemark

Time flies but memories last forever

There is a saying "Time and tides wait for none" and indeed time does not wait for anyone. Our last 9 months in Telemark went so fast that we are surprised. It feels like we arrived there yesterday and now we have already completed 9 whole months and we are back to Oslo again.

Last week was really busy and memorable for us. There were so many things to do, bags to pack, finish last minute details but most importantly say goodbyes to people who had been there in our journey.

Our lovely colleagues in our office threw farewell lunch for us. We had mixed emotions knowing that it would be our last lunch at the office. But we spent that day with big smiles and we had quite fun. There was quiz about Nepal and Norway. The quiz proved that we learned a lot about Norway. We also got beautiful presents that will remind us of all the good times we had with our colleagues in the office.

With colleagues from Telemark Red Cross at Farewell Lunch

With colleagues from Telemark Red Cross at Farewell Lunch

During these 9 months, we learned a lot. We were part of building up Henrys Hus, an activity house in Porsgrunn Red Cross and supporting volunteers in their work in all the local branches. We met people from other branches, celebrated Christmas for the first time and tried winter sports. We will remember 17th of May and the parade where we shouted "Hip Hip Hurra". Oh, these 9 months have been full of new things and excitement.

Saying goodbye is never easy. So, with heavy heart we say goodbye to Telemark and Telemark Red Cross but also excited to read about the wonderful work done by Telemark Red Cross and  youth volunteers in Henrys Hus, Skien, Notodden and Kragerø. Lykke til :)

Tusen takk!! मुरी मुरी धन्यवाद !!

Ha det bra!! Goodbye for now.