Winter Camp In Rogaland

Last weekend we were invited by Rogaland Red Cross Youth to attend their winter camp. The winter camp was held in Red Cross Cabin in Sirdalen, Sinnes, Rogaland. We were happy to get the invitation again as we were in Rogaland in November to hold a "Leadership Workshop". So, we could not let go of the opportunity . The weekend camp was for all the youths working in Red Cross in Rogaland.  There were25 youths from different local branches; Haugesund, Karmøy, Stavanger and Egersund. The overall theme of the weekend was "Migration". We were invited to hold a presentation regarding "Migration Situation in Nepal".

The whole winter camp was managed by the youths. No adults were present during the weekend. We were impressed how the youths were able to manage everything from cooking to making activities. The credit also goes to the organizing committee who gave different responsibilities to the youths and made them feel responsible. On Friday there were some activities to introduce all the participants and know each other well.

 Over the weekend, we held 3 presentations.  Our first presentation was about the migration situation in Nepal. We started our presentation by introducing our country through video of Nepal. We explained in detail about the migration situation of Nepal. We were happy when we got so many queries from the youths about our country and migration situation.

Our next target in  the winter camp was to inform the youths about "Youth Delegate Exchange Programme" and how they can apply since the application has already been opened. We collaborated with Jan Magne Helgesen, member of National Youth Board to present about YDEP.  We talked about the programme, what the present delegates are doing in different countries through their blogs as well as how they can apply. We played the video of 15th anniversary of YDEP so that they could have information about previous delegates experiences. 


The last presentation we did was about the works that we are doing in our host district, Telemark as youth delegates. We wanted youths to know how delegates can support their local branches. . We also encouraged youths to coordinate with District Red Cross to apply to be "Host District"  for upcoming youth delegates if they feel there is a need in their district.

 During the weekend, we also learned many things about "Flyktningkompis" and "Værlitt Kompis", the campaigns of Red Cross Youth.

There was also the simulation of "On the Run" program. Till now, we did not have chance to be a part of it. So, it was golden opportunity to be a part of it. there was also simulation of "On the Run" program. It was nice time for us to learn about many topics.  We learnt how was the actual situation that Refugees have to face when getting in another country.


The last weekend was fun and informative. We also tried winter games in the snow. It was special time to get engage with new youths and share experiences with each other. All the participants were so including and making us feel the part of a team in every activity. We must say, the youths are using the tips of "Værlitt Kompis" in their life as well. We are thankful to whole Winter Camp team and Rogaland Red Cross  for such wonderful time at the beginning of the year.

धन्यवाद !!!