Morang Red Cross and First Aid Training

Morang Red Cross has successfully completed 3 Days of Basic First Aid Training in hall of District chapter, Biratnagar. There were 24 participants from different working field. There are different category of First Aid Training and Morang Red Cross often train new people. Participants are often from Teachers, Government employees, Traffic Police, Drivers, Worker of construction sides, etc.  

Morang Red Cross is prominent for responding relief for vulnerable under the fundamental principle. It is the largest independent humanitarian organization of our National society of Red Cross and established in 1972. Morang district is situated in flat low land of south eastern part of Nepal and in between Jhapa, Ilam, Dhankuta district and Bihar state of India. In recent, It has been working Disaster management programme for upliftment of community formation (Race 2 Program) with financial support of Finish Red Cross since June, 2016. 

Women Trainer in Red Cross Programme

Women Trainer in Red Cross Programme

It works on organizational and manpower development with promotion of humanitarian value. It has 54 local branches with 6861 members. It organizes women empowering workshop and training for upliftment of women participation in decision making process. It plays key role for distribution of relief for affected people of natural disaster and also conducts programme for disaster and calamities management and community development service. It manages to hold Health camp with coordinating local hospital and Health Post and public awareness activities of Pure drinking water and sanitation.. It mainly maintains the blood transfusion centre of whole district.

Volunteering promise of slogan ‘I SERVE’ applies effectively in Junior and Youth level Red Cross. Youth volunteering and participation are under Junior/Youth Red Cross Committee.  120 Junior Red Cross group and 3 Youth Red Cross group are the currently running group of Junior and Youth groups In Morang Red Cross with 39566 active junior and youth members. Morang District chapter coordinates local junior and youth groups to disseminate the movement of International Red Cross and its International fundamental principle and humanitarian value. Youth coordinator organizes organizational development programme in school and colleges. 

Mainly First Aid Programme is main programme in youth/junior Red Cross groups. Sub district chapter coordinates with local schools and colleges to provide training to students and youths. Local youth groups also organize different competition programme like Oratory, drawing competition, etc for justify the potential of youths. Generally, Teenagers and youths celebrate World Red Cross and Cresent Day and other international and World Day yearly. Local youth groups and students actively participate in Blood Donation Programme, Social awareness rally, Environmental Sanitation and Cleanliness programme. They also assist in Health sectors like campaign of HIV AIDS awareness, Reproductive health, Children and Women health.