Party Nepali Style

One of the things that the youth delegates do formally and informally is share their culture, tradition and represent their country all the time. This time, we hosted "Nepali Evening" and invited all the volunteers and employees of Telemark Red Cross. It was also a night to say goodbye to our dear friends and people whom we met during these 9 months here in Telemark.

Delicious Nepali food, music and many people that made our Nepali Evening full house. We were happy when people were enjoying the food we made. We also did a presentation about Nepal and gave information about our beautiful country. Overall, it was a night that we will cherish

It is always nice to see when people like your culture and try to embrace that. One of our friend suprised us by wearing Sari and she looked really beautiful.


Thank our friends and volunteers who helped us to make this night happen. This would not have been possible without you guys. Thank you everyone who came and became part of this night.