A Team in Action

‘It is our promise to work together as a Team by enhancing our capacity in the Field’


Ungdomsdelegater 2016-2017

Hello everyone. We are Shabnam and Rajesh, the new youth delegates from Nepal for Youth Delegate Exchange Program 2016-2017. We will be staying in Telemark for the next 9 months. We are in new place ‘Land of Midnight Sun’ and it is certain that we are in Second Home with more responsibilities and duties.  We are here with lot of expectation in new culture and surrounding.

Shabnam Thapa is 23 years old. She is from Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. She studied Public Health. She has been a youth volunteer in Nepal Red Cross Society since 2012. She started working as core member in the Youth Red Cross circle of her college i.e. Nepal Youth Red Cross Circle- Nobel College. She has experience in working with health issues in the community. She loves to read novels, listen to good music, dance and visit museums. She feels that being youth delegate will help her to grow both personally and professionally. She is excited to work as Youth Delegate in Telemark.

Rajesh Rai is 25 years old and a food technologist. He is the indigenous boy who always tries to be a part of humanitarian activities. He knew about the Largest Humanitarian organization ‘The Red Cross’ from his early age. But He was lucky to participate in its activities since 2011 after his admission in one and only Governmental Technical Campus of Nepal ‘Central Campus of Technology’. He has habit to spend his time with friends. He likes to hear the speech of the historical leaders and expects to adjust in variable cultures.

We have been knocking our journey since 13th August. We have strong determination to make the sound and healthy environment throughout our stay. We are ready to face any sorts of struggle and try to convert it to fruitful and quality result. Both the chances and challenges make us very keen about our tasks.  Getting new culture and language are not stress for us but it is way to grow as a person and getting better.

We will be moving to Telemark on 15th September,2016. Join us on our journey. We will be posting our experiences as youth delegates.