Workshop for Youth

‘Leaders are not born but made’

We were counting fingers for the day by printing the train tickets on pocket. We just started our excitement for holding workshop out of our district. It was all about invitation of conducting leadership workshop for Rogaland Youth Red Cross, Rogaland. We had to spend around 3 days in new place for first time. It was about to get long trip more than 7 hours with transit. We were looking snow through our windows on 4th November since we saw snow for first time in Norway as well as it was day of our trip. 

We have been hearing about beauty and many things about Rogaland. It was the time that we were getting things with our own eyes. It is the land of Wind because it is located in the western side of Norway. Since we had less time but we were planning to figure out the famous City ‘Stavanger’. It is the fourth largest and busy city of Norway. During our journey, we visited several beautiful sites like Tower, Coast, etc. The wonderful moment was that we had gone to Old Stavanger and knew many histories behind it. The lights on the streets for Christmas made us feel as if we were getting warm welcome by Rogaland.

The environment and foods were very healthy as name of Hotel ‘Quality Hotel Pool’. We participated in workshop of Refugee in Norway. The status of youth of refugee are getting better than the past. It reflects the development and successful planning of Norwegian Government. The movie and Comedy shown during night time gave enormous energy for workshop in tomorrow.

Leader and leadership are not single term to explain but it is the descriptive word. It covers almost every areas and important to know by youth since they are the future builder of this world. We presented several models, methodology, facts to participants. We discussed about several cases and exchanged about leader’s character. Energizers and Brainstorming were key to regain energies back after long discussion.

Ninja game

Almost, all participants had many questions and views among our presentation. It was nice time with youths, volunteers and red cross staffs of Rogaland Red Cross. It was chance to experience the cold wind, foods, and many more. Lastly, we would like to grant hearty thankful to Rogaland Red Cross for your trustworthy invitation. We are looking forward such wonderful relation and wish for more good activities under fundamental principle of Red Cross. 

With Youth Leader

With Youth Leader