Ferie for Alle in Dashain

The  term ‘Ferie for Alle’ (Holiday for All) was new for us. Our mind was just lost somewhere else since we had the biggest festival in our country. So, it was nice time with different families during festival’s time and we enjoyed very much.

Our journey started on 9th October with 15 familes and Red Cross volunteers and staffs. We were 57 people in total for Ferie for Alle. It was very nice to be gathering with new people as we used to gather with our dear relatives and friends in our Homeland. We went to different amazing places like Tusenfryd. We had never visited such big amusement park. There were many entertaining games that made our adrenaline rush.

The holiday got better as the second day we went to Fangen på fortet (Prisoner at the fort).  We were divided into 8 different teams and given 2 hours to solve the mysteries and puzzles. It was full of challenges and fun because team had to score more marks to win games. It taught everyone the importance of working in a team. On the next day 11th October, we visited Teknisk Museum (Techno Museum). It was really interesting to learn about history of different technologies. On the last day we went to Reptile Museum and got the opportunity to hold a snake!! (We are not kidding)

Finally, Ferie for Alle ended on 12th October. It was nice experience to mix with children and families from different background. Though we were in dilemma what to do or not to do during festival time, but Ferrie for Alle was the better opportunity to compensate our unwell feeling and created somehow smile on our faces.

We Celebrated Dashain

Yesterday, we we were invited by a Nepali family to celebrate Dashain. We were really happy to get invited and finally put tika and get blessings from the elderies. Tussen takk Hema for inviting us to your home and letting us be part of the celebration.