Selling Foods for East Africa

It is time to have Donation for East Africa.

Donation for East Africa was successfully done in Henrys House, Porsgrunn on 18th March. Women from Somalia was coordinated with Henrys House, Youth Activity House and Café for selling African foods i.e. Samosa, Rice, Chicken, etc. Henrys House was also donated all the transactions of selling Cafe’s foods on day for East Africa. Around 3700 NOK was collected and volunteers also held stand outside Henrys Hus to disseminate about the terrible situation of East Africa through Pumplets and selling foods.

The Horn of Africa famine has been labelled the ‘largest humanitarian crisis’ since 1945 by the UN. The United Nations declared a famine in parts of southern Somalia. Around twelve million people are facing the famine and starvation and they are desperate need of help. Nearly Nearly half a million children are at risk of dying from malnutrition and disease. It has not been raining for more than 60 years and drought is main reason for Famine.


Organisations like Save the Children, the International Rescue Committee, Action Against Hunger, UNICEF, International Medical Corps, The United Nations Food Programme, World Vision, Oxfam America, etc have helping for providing foods, water, clothes, medical services etc for deprived people. Red Cross and Red Crescent teams are working across the Horn of Africa. They are also helping families rebuild their livelihoods.   The Red Cross charity is working with hospitals.  

Selling Foods holding Stand outside of Henrys House.

Selling Foods holding Stand outside of Henrys House.

Marlena Sljivo, coordinator of volunteers of Henry House was mentioning that it was nice to work together for assisting needy people in East Africa. She is hoping to have such coordination in coming future. This activity made Red Cross stronger and stand in one place for unity and humanitarian works. Telemark Red Cross assisted 80000 NOK as donation for Famine problem of East Africa. Individual can donate by typing SULT and send it on 2272 (250 kr) or type VIPPS and send it on 2272 (Choose amount).