Vil Du Være Min Kinokompis på Valentine's Dag?


 "Kompis" is a Norwegian term for "Buddy" or "Friend". We all have different buddies like coffee buddies, games buddies, quiz buddies or shopping buddies. Norwegian Red Cross Youth has a national campaign "Vær litt kompis" i.e. "Be a little buddy". It is a national campaign to motivate youths to be more including and encouraging them to have friendly attitude to make new people feel welcome and included in the community. The goal of this campaign is to show that it should not take much to include. All a person has to do is be a little buddy.

The very best thing to do for someone who is new and alone somewhere, is to be a friend or a mate. It’s so simple, and it can create so much joy and it can also change someone’s life
— Mohamed Abud, Youth Volunteer, Nørd-Trondelag Røde Kors

One of the local branch in Telemark, Skien Red Cross Youth has activities for this campaign. To celebrate this year Valentine's Day, they organized a quiz competition in Skien Videregående Skole (High School) and the prize for the winner was 3 movie tickets.

The ultimate competition

The ultimate competition

The volunteers created quiz on Sexual Health. One of the reason for this activity was to create more awareness about Sexually Transmitted Infections. They had a stand on high school with quiz along with candies, balloons and brochure related to Red Cross Youth to promote the campaign as well. It was exciting to see how youths were taking part in the quiz and trying to win the movie tickets. The winner has 3 movie tickets and opportunity to make someone feel included and be a "kinokompis"

 So, it does not take a lot to include or be a buddy. Start with small things; smile, say hello, take coffee together or teach your buddy some sports like skiing. After all, everyone needs a buddy :).

Happy Valentine's Day.