Relief Aid for Victims of Flood

Morang Red Cross has been playing huge role for victims of flood. Periodic rainfall for 3 days resulted huge destruction of human as well as developmental scenario of Morang district. All rivers overflowed and inundated many houses and swept away cattle, houses, roads and many. Connection loss of communication, halt of transportation, and no power for couple of days had created enormous trouble especially in river bank areas. Schools were closed for few days and volunteers from Red Cross had actively deployed in rescue work and started to account the information about the loss of flood disaster.

Delivering Relief aid to victims in presence of local police authority.

Delivering Relief aid to victims in presence of local police authority.

Yearly, Nepal has terrible rainfall during summer, consequence with loss of cultivable lands, damage of infrastructure of development and even to loss of life of many innocent human. Mostly, Southern Tarai belt of Nepal has suffered with intensely flood due to torrential rainfall for couple of days. Thousands of hectares of farmland are inundated and numbers of death of livestock and people are reported. It is due to monsoon rain affected from Bay of Bengal of India. Dwellers have to leave their property and have stayed at safer place. The mostly vulnerable especially are squatters who live their life by verge of river. Toll is being increased and injured were taken to local hospital and health post and clinic. Civil organization and journalist, police, journalist are being engaged in rescue deed and acquired the information.

Recent data from Government reported around 90 people lost their life and more 40 were not have been contacted with their family and relatives. Houses almost nearby river were inundated, more than 65000 houses were fully and partially damaged. Natural Disaster Rescue Committee estimated that around 600000 people have been hugely affected as floodwaters destroyed food stuff and other belongings. More than one million of people from affected region were deprived from pure drinking water.

Morang Red Cross coordinated with government body like Nepal police, local bodies to verify the actual loss and started to distribute relief aid to victims in its presence. It have distributed relief material costing NRs 13,300,300 including Tarpaulin, tents, water bag, kitchen utensils, clothes, etc. These aids were distributed for 1998 families whose houses were heavily damaged. District Chapter hold stand in different 17 places including its sub chapter for distribution work. Also, it managed to balance the demand of blood for injured and wounded in various blood transfusion center in whole district.