Last week, Telemark Red Cross had visit from City Red Cross of Skopje, Macedonia. Telemark Red Cross has been having international collaboration with the Red Cross from other countries. This year, new international collaboration was started between Telemark Red Cross and City Red Cross of Skopje. There were 5 guests including the leader of City Red Cross of Skopje, Macedonia.

Photo Credit: Notodden Red Cross

Photo Credit: Notodden Red Cross

During their short stay, we got opportunity to know about many areas and activities that Macedonia Red Cross works with.  We were very glad to have international guests in our office as we got to learn more about the Red Cross from another country.


For us, youth leaders and youth volunteers in Telemark, the activities done by the youth volunteers in Macedonia was exciting to know and we were quite inspired by the projects that youths are doing there.

There are 35 local Red Cross Youth Branches in Macedonia. One of the main project that youths are involved in is "Red Cross in Action- Promotion of Human Values (RCA-PHV)." It was started in 1996 with the support of Norwegian Red Cross. The main purpose of RCA-PHV is to involve young people with different ethnic origin in joint projects for building mutual understanding, tolerance and culture of dialogue. In this projects the recruited youths are trained in the several topics like Red Cross, culture,   communication , how to create and document a project. After the completion of the training, all the youths are assigned to make projects either in team or individually. The project focus on the needs of the community. Last year, 184 projects were done by the youths.

One example of such project:

Charity concert to help young Emil Noveski

The project's objective was to organize humanitarian concert for Emil Noveski; 11-year-old boy from Kavadarci who was sick from a rare form of leukemia. The young volunteers organized a charity concert with an audience of 800 viewers, and managed to raise donations from 50 companies from the Municipality of Gostivar. In total, they managed to collect 80,000 denars and donated the money to Emil’s Family for his medical treatment.

RCA-PHV works as a platform for the youths where they can increase their capacity, learn how to work in team and be more productive and proactive
— Aleksandra Ristovski, PHV coordinator,City Red Cross of Skopje, Macedonia Red Cross
Dinner with the guests from Macedonia, District Youth Board and Youth Leaders from local branches

Dinner with the guests from Macedonia, District Youth Board and Youth Leaders from local branches

It is interesting to learn how different the works are of each national society whether it is Norwegian Red Cross or Nepal Red Cross or Red Cross of the Republic of Macedonia but we all work according to the needs of the communities and are guided by the same 7 principles.