Relief Aid for Victims of Flood

Morang Red Cross has been playing huge role for victims of flood. Periodic rainfall for 3 days resulted huge destruction of human as well as developmental scenario of Morang district. All rivers overflowed and inundated many houses and swept away cattle, houses, roads and many. Connection loss of communication, halt of transportation, and no power for couple of days had created enormous trouble especially in river bank areas. Schools were closed for few days and volunteers from Red Cross had actively deployed in rescue work and started to account the information about the loss of flood disaster.

Delivering Relief aid to victims in presence of local police authority.

Delivering Relief aid to victims in presence of local police authority.

Yearly, Nepal has terrible rainfall during summer, consequence with loss of cultivable lands, damage of infrastructure of development and even to loss of life of many innocent human. Mostly, Southern Tarai belt of Nepal has suffered with intensely flood due to torrential rainfall for couple of days. Thousands of hectares of farmland are inundated and numbers of death of livestock and people are reported. It is due to monsoon rain affected from Bay of Bengal of India. Dwellers have to leave their property and have stayed at safer place. The mostly vulnerable especially are squatters who live their life by verge of river. Toll is being increased and injured were taken to local hospital and health post and clinic. Civil organization and journalist, police, journalist are being engaged in rescue deed and acquired the information.

Recent data from Government reported around 90 people lost their life and more 40 were not have been contacted with their family and relatives. Houses almost nearby river were inundated, more than 65000 houses were fully and partially damaged. Natural Disaster Rescue Committee estimated that around 600000 people have been hugely affected as floodwaters destroyed food stuff and other belongings. More than one million of people from affected region were deprived from pure drinking water.

Morang Red Cross coordinated with government body like Nepal police, local bodies to verify the actual loss and started to distribute relief aid to victims in its presence. It have distributed relief material costing NRs 13,300,300 including Tarpaulin, tents, water bag, kitchen utensils, clothes, etc. These aids were distributed for 1998 families whose houses were heavily damaged. District Chapter hold stand in different 17 places including its sub chapter for distribution work. Also, it managed to balance the demand of blood for injured and wounded in various blood transfusion center in whole district.


Summer, Jhapa and my follow up work

I  witnessed  how summer feels in Norway even if it was for few days. From what I felt, I can say that Norway really has mild summer. Now, my follow up work has led me to experience real summer where every day is 30 degree Celsius or more (it is hot).

On July, I left my home and traveled to the easternmost district in Nepal, Jhapa to start my follow up work as a Youth Delegate. Jhapa is one of the most developed district in Nepal and among the oldest branch of Nepal Red Cross Society. Nepal Red Cross Society- Jhapa , was established in 1968 A.D.

The District office of Nepal Red Cross Society- Jhapa Branch

My first month was filled up with getting to know the district branch better and the junior and youth circles in Jhapa district. I also gave orientation about Red Cross in few colleges where the youths were interested to open youth circle. In one of such session, my cousin came with me. He was surprised by the works youth volunteers are doing all around the world. When we returned, he started to talk about Red Cross, its history and its work with everyone in the family. I guess there will be two Red Crosser in this family now.

As I met youths from different circles and schools, I was impressed how they are doing so many activities with limited amount of resources. A youth circle based on Damak Multiple Campus publishes a monthly magazine named “Bahumukhi Awaz” (Multiple Voices). This newspaper has provided platform for students to showcase their talents and represent their views. This circle also has “Garden Project” in their college among various other works.

I see one common thing among these youth volunteers i.e. a desire to contribute in their community and motivation to do something different. When I interact with them, I am taken aback to the time when I started to working as a volunteer with the same motivation.

Morang Red Cross and First Aid Training

Morang Red Cross has successfully completed 3 Days of Basic First Aid Training in hall of District chapter, Biratnagar. There were 24 participants from different working field. There are different category of First Aid Training and Morang Red Cross often train new people. Participants are often from Teachers, Government employees, Traffic Police, Drivers, Worker of construction sides, etc.  

Morang Red Cross is prominent for responding relief for vulnerable under the fundamental principle. It is the largest independent humanitarian organization of our National society of Red Cross and established in 1972. Morang district is situated in flat low land of south eastern part of Nepal and in between Jhapa, Ilam, Dhankuta district and Bihar state of India. In recent, It has been working Disaster management programme for upliftment of community formation (Race 2 Program) with financial support of Finish Red Cross since June, 2016. 

Women Trainer in Red Cross Programme

Women Trainer in Red Cross Programme

It works on organizational and manpower development with promotion of humanitarian value. It has 54 local branches with 6861 members. It organizes women empowering workshop and training for upliftment of women participation in decision making process. It plays key role for distribution of relief for affected people of natural disaster and also conducts programme for disaster and calamities management and community development service. It manages to hold Health camp with coordinating local hospital and Health Post and public awareness activities of Pure drinking water and sanitation.. It mainly maintains the blood transfusion centre of whole district.

Volunteering promise of slogan ‘I SERVE’ applies effectively in Junior and Youth level Red Cross. Youth volunteering and participation are under Junior/Youth Red Cross Committee.  120 Junior Red Cross group and 3 Youth Red Cross group are the currently running group of Junior and Youth groups In Morang Red Cross with 39566 active junior and youth members. Morang District chapter coordinates local junior and youth groups to disseminate the movement of International Red Cross and its International fundamental principle and humanitarian value. Youth coordinator organizes organizational development programme in school and colleges. 

Mainly First Aid Programme is main programme in youth/junior Red Cross groups. Sub district chapter coordinates with local schools and colleges to provide training to students and youths. Local youth groups also organize different competition programme like Oratory, drawing competition, etc for justify the potential of youths. Generally, Teenagers and youths celebrate World Red Cross and Cresent Day and other international and World Day yearly. Local youth groups and students actively participate in Blood Donation Programme, Social awareness rally, Environmental Sanitation and Cleanliness programme. They also assist in Health sectors like campaign of HIV AIDS awareness, Reproductive health, Children and Women health.        

HA DET BRA Telemark

Time flies but memories last forever

There is a saying "Time and tides wait for none" and indeed time does not wait for anyone. Our last 9 months in Telemark went so fast that we are surprised. It feels like we arrived there yesterday and now we have already completed 9 whole months and we are back to Oslo again.

Last week was really busy and memorable for us. There were so many things to do, bags to pack, finish last minute details but most importantly say goodbyes to people who had been there in our journey.

Our lovely colleagues in our office threw farewell lunch for us. We had mixed emotions knowing that it would be our last lunch at the office. But we spent that day with big smiles and we had quite fun. There was quiz about Nepal and Norway. The quiz proved that we learned a lot about Norway. We also got beautiful presents that will remind us of all the good times we had with our colleagues in the office.

With colleagues from Telemark Red Cross at Farewell Lunch

With colleagues from Telemark Red Cross at Farewell Lunch

During these 9 months, we learned a lot. We were part of building up Henrys Hus, an activity house in Porsgrunn Red Cross and supporting volunteers in their work in all the local branches. We met people from other branches, celebrated Christmas for the first time and tried winter sports. We will remember 17th of May and the parade where we shouted "Hip Hip Hurra". Oh, these 9 months have been full of new things and excitement.

Saying goodbye is never easy. So, with heavy heart we say goodbye to Telemark and Telemark Red Cross but also excited to read about the wonderful work done by Telemark Red Cross and  youth volunteers in Henrys Hus, Skien, Notodden and Kragerø. Lykke til :)

Tusen takk!! मुरी मुरी धन्यवाद !!

Ha det bra!! Goodbye for now.







Party Nepali Style

One of the things that the youth delegates do formally and informally is share their culture, tradition and represent their country all the time. This time, we hosted "Nepali Evening" and invited all the volunteers and employees of Telemark Red Cross. It was also a night to say goodbye to our dear friends and people whom we met during these 9 months here in Telemark.

Delicious Nepali food, music and many people that made our Nepali Evening full house. We were happy when people were enjoying the food we made. We also did a presentation about Nepal and gave information about our beautiful country. Overall, it was a night that we will cherish

It is always nice to see when people like your culture and try to embrace that. One of our friend suprised us by wearing Sari and she looked really beautiful.


Thank our friends and volunteers who helped us to make this night happen. This would not have been possible without you guys. Thank you everyone who came and became part of this night.

Dancing with Porsgrunn Red Cross

Every year, Porsgrunn Red Cross holds event in City Hall of Porsgrunn to celebrate Red Cross Day with a specific theme. This year too, several stands were held and the theme was "Family Day" focusing on first aid.

The day was beautiful with sun shining over us. There were stands of various branches of Porsgrunn Red Cross like Røff, Omsorg, Hjelpekorps and Ungdom. The youth volunteers from Henrys Hus represented the youth group. There was a stand to sell second hand clothes from Henrys Hus. Various activities were conducted like first aid course, selling food from international countries, zumba and visiting the ambulance.


The highlight of the event was Zumba session when everyone danced together. There was also performance from youth volunteers from Syria and Palestine. Here you can see some glimpses

Beautiful weather, enthusiastic volunteers, delicious food, good music and celebration of Red Cross Day- what a great way to spend Saturday!!!






Everywhere for everyone

May 8 is celebrated as World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day around the world. In Nepal, we celebrate this day with parade, first aid trainings, blood donation and different humanitarian programs.

In Norway, we had a different type of celebration on May 8. We celebrated 154th birthday of International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement. Every birthday party needs a cake. Thanks to Tommy; a volunteer in Henrys Hus we made our own Red Cross cake.

All the volunteers from 13-30 years from Porsgrunn Red Cross were invited for the celebration in Henrys Hus. We were excited and happy to see Henrys Hus full house.During the celebration, Marlena Sljivo; employee at Telemark Red Cross talked about the Red Cross, its principles and works done by Red Cross Youth. Marlena who has been a youth volulnteer herself shared her experiences and works she did in Red Cross Youth. This was a motivational sessions as youth volunteers saw what opportunities avolunteer has and what a volunteer is capable of doing in Red Cross.


The party continued with "7 Principles Act" activity where all the volunteers were divided into groups and given one principle of Red Cross and asked to act. All the groups had different ideas,, one group even made a song about Henrys Hus. The celebration ended onhigh note with a movie about trip of youths from Telemark to Gambia.

Youths discussing about 7 Principles of Red Cross


Meanwhile in Nepal

Ola and Kathrine, the youth delegates from Norway to Nepal celebrated Red Cross day with the youth volunteers in Damauli. The youth volunteers visited old age home provided food and necessary supplies to old people and celebrated the day with them. The youth volunteers also gave first aid training to the local people in the community as a part of celebration of Red Cross Day.

Youth Volunteers providing food to old people in Old Age Home, Damauli, Nepal  Photo Credit: Ola Opdal   

Youth Volunteers providing food to old people in Old Age Home, Damauli, Nepal

Photo Credit: Ola Opdal


Youth volunteers holding First Aid Training to the local people  Photo Credit: Ola Opdal

Youth volunteers holding First Aid Training to the local people

Photo Credit: Ola Opdal

We all around the world celebrate World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day in our own way. What ever may be the techniques of celebration, we stand for the 7 principles of Red Cross.

At last,

While you may know the Red Cross and Red Crescent for blood donations, disaster response or first aid training, did you know Red Cross is also involved in milking snakes, making people laugh, and starting football teams. Red Cross is global. We are everywhere for everyone. Happy World Red Cros and Red Crescent Day.






Memory of Pre-YBTC

Time and Tide waits for None.

We are still remembering those days when we were in Norway for the first time to attend YBTC (Youth Basic Training Course). New country, new environment and all new faces gave us excitement and a sense of thrill. Such kind of feelings and excitement were easily noticed in our new incoming youth delegates for 2017/18.

New Youth Delegates from Colombia, Madagascar and Nepal for YDEP 2017/18

New Youth Delegates from Colombia, Madagascar and Nepal for YDEP 2017/18

 It's springtime in Norway and we welcomed our incoming delegates in Big YDEP family from Colombia, Madagascar and Nepal. This family is getting bigger and better. The first step in the journey ofincoming YDs is to participate in Pre-YBTC. Pre-YBTC is a session where incoming delegates get to know about the new environment, system and Norwegian Red Cross with current delegates and get to know the current delegates. The current delegates have some responsibilities towards incoming delegates. We were so glad to be part of whole session for making quality environment with sharing our views and experiences.

As course began, both new and current delegates were close to each other. Presentation from different districts gave some initial information about our works. We even talked about working cultures in Norway. Team Building sessions really opened more space for new delegates to share their ideas and views. Formally, new delegates were given the information about the structure of Youth Red Cross in Norwegian Red Cross as well as valuable information from Local contact person and Leader of District Youth Board.

PRE-YBTC was all about informing the new delegates about our work, what are they signing up for as a delegat. We talked about practicalities of daily life in Norway. It was good to have many questions about our journey and adjusted with them by visiting some beautiful places in Oslo. We enjoyed our cultural variations by preparing foods from respective countries for dinner. Pre-YBTC was the time of full of sweet memory in our life.

Learning how to prepare nepali foods by Malagasy and Colombian new youth delegates      

Learning how to prepare nepali foods by Malagasy and Colombian new youth delegates



Selling Foods for East Africa

It is time to have Donation for East Africa.

Donation for East Africa was successfully done in Henrys House, Porsgrunn on 18th March. Women from Somalia was coordinated with Henrys House, Youth Activity House and Café for selling African foods i.e. Samosa, Rice, Chicken, etc. Henrys House was also donated all the transactions of selling Cafe’s foods on day for East Africa. Around 3700 NOK was collected and volunteers also held stand outside Henrys Hus to disseminate about the terrible situation of East Africa through Pumplets and selling foods.

The Horn of Africa famine has been labelled the ‘largest humanitarian crisis’ since 1945 by the UN. The United Nations declared a famine in parts of southern Somalia. Around twelve million people are facing the famine and starvation and they are desperate need of help. Nearly Nearly half a million children are at risk of dying from malnutrition and disease. It has not been raining for more than 60 years and drought is main reason for Famine.


Organisations like Save the Children, the International Rescue Committee, Action Against Hunger, UNICEF, International Medical Corps, The United Nations Food Programme, World Vision, Oxfam America, etc have helping for providing foods, water, clothes, medical services etc for deprived people. Red Cross and Red Crescent teams are working across the Horn of Africa. They are also helping families rebuild their livelihoods.   The Red Cross charity is working with hospitals.  

Selling Foods holding Stand outside of Henrys House.

Selling Foods holding Stand outside of Henrys House.

Marlena Sljivo, coordinator of volunteers of Henry House was mentioning that it was nice to work together for assisting needy people in East Africa. She is hoping to have such coordination in coming future. This activity made Red Cross stronger and stand in one place for unity and humanitarian works. Telemark Red Cross assisted 80000 NOK as donation for Famine problem of East Africa. Individual can donate by typing SULT and send it on 2272 (250 kr) or type VIPPS and send it on 2272 (Choose amount).


Norway is a country which every day can surprise you with new things. This time the opportunity was for a small town in the middle of nowhere, hidden between the most beautiful mountains that we had ever seen, called Førde where the warmest people receive you and you breathe unity and an indescribable tranquility; but at the same time, you breathe energy, joy and desire to work.

It was the first time this year that the delegates from Colombia and Nepal were going to share a workspace, expectations were very high, both by the organizers, the participants and the delegates but the result of this combination was an incredible weekend, full of exciting activities and moments of great emotion.

Sebastian and Shabnam ; youth delegates from Colombia and Nepal with the participants

Sebastian and Shabnam ; youth delegates from Colombia and Nepal with the participants

It was a youth camp organized by Sogn og Fjordane Red Cross for the youth volunteers. In addition, the youths from Red Cross Nordic World United College were invited. The youth camp became international camp in true sense as there were youths from Norway, Nepal, Colombia, Greece, Netherlands, Bolivia, Italy, Rwanda, Costa Rica, United Kingdom and Denmark. Our task was to talk about Red Cross and share the mystics of volunteering with the youths.

Photo credit: Jostein Vedvik, Sogn og Fjordane Røde Kors

The camp was also special as Sogn og Fjordane Red Cross got new District Youth Board Council. We talked about the history and principles of Red Cross on the first day. On Saturday, we participated in several outdoor activities. We also got chance to eat the Norwegian camping food as we cooked food ourselves in the open fire. But little did we know, it took more than an hour to cook salmon.

There were discussions related to mental health, bullying and sexual health in the evening of Saturday. We talked about sexual health and asked the participants to demonstrate the correct way of using condom. We also talked about the projects related to sexual health in our respective countries.

On the last day of the camp, students from Red Cross Nordic United College arranged team building activities and games. It was nice to see how everyone was sporty and energized to try new things. So, overall the camp ended in very good note. The best part of the camp was the last day when every participant got the envelopes that contained notes written for them by other participants.

Nice place, youths from so many countries and such a wonderful environment, we could not have asked for better weekend. Thank you Sogn of Fjordane Røde Kors for making us part of this youth camp.

Completion of Winter in Norway

It is well known about Norway and its cold. We have successfully completed the winter in our working District. We were so excited about winter before and have enjoyed the snow and performed our duties. It was warm coordination and cooperation from all youth leaders, volunteers, staffs who always make us energetic in freezing environment outside.

We arranged Nepali Lunch to all the staffs of District Office. We tried the best to prepare good Nepali foods. Positive response from staffs really had nice smile on our faces. We made Pulau(rice item), Allu Achar (Potato item), Allu Chops, Piyajee chops (Onion item), Momo (Dumpling), etc. It was nice moment to share about our daily meals in our country. We also attended Information night in District office where we talked about our presence and YDEP.

Cooperation Meeting of District Youth Board Telemark with Vastfold Redcross

Cooperation Meeting of District Youth Board Telemark with Vastfold Redcross

We attended Movie Night of BARK Skien Red Cross and watched Movie along with 15 children. We also had part of Flexid for first time. We watched movie about refugee. It was fun with joining the participants for Bowling. District Youth Board was also organized cooperation meeting with Vastfold Red Cross where we helped them and met representative from Vastfold. Leader of National Youth Board was attended this meeting and presented about the National Youth Activities and relevant subjects.

Apart from this, we invited from Ingrid’s family, current youth delegate for Colombia. We visited her house with Kristi and had nice time with them. Lastly, we were visited by 3 friends from Rogaland District. They were from National Youth Red Cross and Local Youth Red Cross. We spent our time with them talking about our works, cracked jokes, visited Notodden and sight seeing of Skien and Porsgrunn.  


Winter Ferie for Alle in Skinnarbu

Exploring Ice Fishing

Living in wonderful Telemark has given us opportunity to address new holidays. Telemark Red Cross organized  winter Ferie for Alle in Skinnarbu. It was during the winter break from 20th to 23th February. There were 13 families who participated in Ferie for Alle in Skinnarbu. 

We were also given leading role to guide families with coordination with Noomi, Irene, Kennth and Amina; the other volunteers.The journey started from Kragerø and took around 3 hours to reach our destination. Skinnarbu Nasjonalpark hotel was wonderful and the food was delicious. We enjoyed Reindeer meat at excessive amount in our stay.

 It was our first experience to have ice fishing in Norway. Our team was leaded by Irene who had already been in ice fishing. We collected around 13 fishes. It was so difficult in open land at middle of lake and drilled out the snow to make hole and wait for the fish in windy environment. Overall, ice fishing was new experience for us.

We also took part in Ski and Aking in Vierli. The place was well equipped with Ski materials for visitors. We tried to learn how to get normal entertainment that Norwegian people have with Ski.  All the family members got themselves in playing with things. We enjoyed each and every moments in best style. 

Certified children

On last evening, there was social evet with certification program, film showing and game. All the families were given certificate of participation of Winter Ferie and it was wonderful that many children were certified in different categories. We talked with families during whole entire stay and exchanged our views and experiences with them.  Our Third Ferie for Alle in Norway was overall wonderful and full of learning. 


Street Meditation for Young Boys

Prevention is better than Cure.

‘STREET MEDIATION’ is one of the unique and important terminology that we were introduced in Norway. Our curiosity came to rest when we got Street Mediation Course for 36 hours in Headquarter of Norwegian Red Cross, Oslo.  Ever since we completed the course, we wanted to do the workshop in our district, Telemark. Finally, with the support and coordination of District coordinator of Street Mediation, Ms. Gloria Leiyan, our wish came true. 

Our aspiration came true when we started our Street Meditation course for the young boysof age group 13-15 years old from URÆDD Football Club, Porsgrunn. We started the course from mid of November and ended it on 15th of February. We had 2.5 hours per session for 6 evening. We did the workshop along with Ms. Gloria Leiyan.

We separated our portion and discussed and practised some roleplay before the session. It really solidified our confident and taking the feedback from every session corrected our errors for betterment of next session. We hoped that we got the balance task to perform during session since it was first time as facilitating for other. All the participants showed their attention and respect for us which accelerated our  energy about course. 

Street Mediation Course is the new relevant method in our country. Youth are unable to figure out the cause and solution of conflict. It leads desolation of individual as well as their family. So, Street Mediation can act as a capsule that can provide youths with the tools to handle their conflict in a positive way.

Certification after Bowling with our Participants.

On the last day of the course, we handled diploms to the 14 participants who successfully completed the course. We took them for bowling and ended the whole workshop at fun note.  During the whole course we got help from one volunteer from Red Cross, Ifrah Sheik Hassan whose contribution helped us in lots of ways. At the end, we felt happy to complete our first Street Mediation Course. 

Vil Du Være Min Kinokompis på Valentine's Dag?


 "Kompis" is a Norwegian term for "Buddy" or "Friend". We all have different buddies like coffee buddies, games buddies, quiz buddies or shopping buddies. Norwegian Red Cross Youth has a national campaign "Vær litt kompis" i.e. "Be a little buddy". It is a national campaign to motivate youths to be more including and encouraging them to have friendly attitude to make new people feel welcome and included in the community. The goal of this campaign is to show that it should not take much to include. All a person has to do is be a little buddy.

The very best thing to do for someone who is new and alone somewhere, is to be a friend or a mate. It’s so simple, and it can create so much joy and it can also change someone’s life
— Mohamed Abud, Youth Volunteer, Nørd-Trondelag Røde Kors

One of the local branch in Telemark, Skien Red Cross Youth has activities for this campaign. To celebrate this year Valentine's Day, they organized a quiz competition in Skien Videregående Skole (High School) and the prize for the winner was 3 movie tickets.

The ultimate competition

The ultimate competition

The volunteers created quiz on Sexual Health. One of the reason for this activity was to create more awareness about Sexually Transmitted Infections. They had a stand on high school with quiz along with candies, balloons and brochure related to Red Cross Youth to promote the campaign as well. It was exciting to see how youths were taking part in the quiz and trying to win the movie tickets. The winner has 3 movie tickets and opportunity to make someone feel included and be a "kinokompis"

 So, it does not take a lot to include or be a buddy. Start with small things; smile, say hello, take coffee together or teach your buddy some sports like skiing. After all, everyone needs a buddy :).

Happy Valentine's Day.




Last week, Telemark Red Cross had visit from City Red Cross of Skopje, Macedonia. Telemark Red Cross has been having international collaboration with the Red Cross from other countries. This year, new international collaboration was started between Telemark Red Cross and City Red Cross of Skopje. There were 5 guests including the leader of City Red Cross of Skopje, Macedonia.

Photo Credit: Notodden Red Cross

Photo Credit: Notodden Red Cross

During their short stay, we got opportunity to know about many areas and activities that Macedonia Red Cross works with.  We were very glad to have international guests in our office as we got to learn more about the Red Cross from another country.


For us, youth leaders and youth volunteers in Telemark, the activities done by the youth volunteers in Macedonia was exciting to know and we were quite inspired by the projects that youths are doing there.

There are 35 local Red Cross Youth Branches in Macedonia. One of the main project that youths are involved in is "Red Cross in Action- Promotion of Human Values (RCA-PHV)." It was started in 1996 with the support of Norwegian Red Cross. The main purpose of RCA-PHV is to involve young people with different ethnic origin in joint projects for building mutual understanding, tolerance and culture of dialogue. In this projects the recruited youths are trained in the several topics like Red Cross, culture,   communication , how to create and document a project. After the completion of the training, all the youths are assigned to make projects either in team or individually. The project focus on the needs of the community. Last year, 184 projects were done by the youths.

One example of such project:

Charity concert to help young Emil Noveski

The project's objective was to organize humanitarian concert for Emil Noveski; 11-year-old boy from Kavadarci who was sick from a rare form of leukemia. The young volunteers organized a charity concert with an audience of 800 viewers, and managed to raise donations from 50 companies from the Municipality of Gostivar. In total, they managed to collect 80,000 denars and donated the money to Emil’s Family for his medical treatment.

RCA-PHV works as a platform for the youths where they can increase their capacity, learn how to work in team and be more productive and proactive
— Aleksandra Ristovski, PHV coordinator,City Red Cross of Skopje, Macedonia Red Cross
Dinner with the guests from Macedonia, District Youth Board and Youth Leaders from local branches

Dinner with the guests from Macedonia, District Youth Board and Youth Leaders from local branches

It is interesting to learn how different the works are of each national society whether it is Norwegian Red Cross or Nepal Red Cross or Red Cross of the Republic of Macedonia but we all work according to the needs of the communities and are guided by the same 7 principles.



Winter Camp In Rogaland

Last weekend we were invited by Rogaland Red Cross Youth to attend their winter camp. The winter camp was held in Red Cross Cabin in Sirdalen, Sinnes, Rogaland. We were happy to get the invitation again as we were in Rogaland in November to hold a "Leadership Workshop". So, we could not let go of the opportunity . The weekend camp was for all the youths working in Red Cross in Rogaland.  There were25 youths from different local branches; Haugesund, Karmøy, Stavanger and Egersund. The overall theme of the weekend was "Migration". We were invited to hold a presentation regarding "Migration Situation in Nepal".

The whole winter camp was managed by the youths. No adults were present during the weekend. We were impressed how the youths were able to manage everything from cooking to making activities. The credit also goes to the organizing committee who gave different responsibilities to the youths and made them feel responsible. On Friday there were some activities to introduce all the participants and know each other well.

 Over the weekend, we held 3 presentations.  Our first presentation was about the migration situation in Nepal. We started our presentation by introducing our country through video of Nepal. We explained in detail about the migration situation of Nepal. We were happy when we got so many queries from the youths about our country and migration situation.

Our next target in  the winter camp was to inform the youths about "Youth Delegate Exchange Programme" and how they can apply since the application has already been opened. We collaborated with Jan Magne Helgesen, member of National Youth Board to present about YDEP.  We talked about the programme, what the present delegates are doing in different countries through their blogs as well as how they can apply. We played the video of 15th anniversary of YDEP so that they could have information about previous delegates experiences. 


The last presentation we did was about the works that we are doing in our host district, Telemark as youth delegates. We wanted youths to know how delegates can support their local branches. . We also encouraged youths to coordinate with District Red Cross to apply to be "Host District"  for upcoming youth delegates if they feel there is a need in their district.

 During the weekend, we also learned many things about "Flyktningkompis" and "Værlitt Kompis", the campaigns of Red Cross Youth.

There was also the simulation of "On the Run" program. Till now, we did not have chance to be a part of it. So, it was golden opportunity to be a part of it. there was also simulation of "On the Run" program. It was nice time for us to learn about many topics.  We learnt how was the actual situation that Refugees have to face when getting in another country.


The last weekend was fun and informative. We also tried winter games in the snow. It was special time to get engage with new youths and share experiences with each other. All the participants were so including and making us feel the part of a team in every activity. We must say, the youths are using the tips of "Værlitt Kompis" in their life as well. We are thankful to whole Winter Camp team and Rogaland Red Cross  for such wonderful time at the beginning of the year.

धन्यवाद !!!




Environment during Christmas (God Jul)

We have already entered in New Year but we could not resist to share how we found Christmas in Norway as this was the first timewe celebrated Christmas. So, here we go..

Every 24th December is celebrated as Christmas all around the world. We know that , we have read about it in our School and seen the Pictures of celebration every year in newspaper. But it was good to see very closely how Christmas is celebrated in Norway. 

Winter is warmed up by the celebration of Christmas. The preparation of Christmas started from early November. Small trees nearby houses and roads were decorated with different colourful lights. Every house had lightings. Shopping markets were well decorated and we could easily notice Santa Claus. People looked very pleased for welcoming Christmas and busy in shopping. Christian followers started to make plan of celebration and place of gathering. It is festival of reliefs for students since it falls after completion of examination. The lighting in Christmas reflects as our Festival Tihar which is known as Festival of Light.

It was nice start of our Christmas since we had special gift from our teacher. She gave nice homemade biscuits and cookies in occasion of Christmas. We had also invitation of Lunch from District office. There were different food stuffs on lunch. We wished one another about Christmas. We played dice game which was interesting and new one for us. We spent time just getting engaged with each other. We were given very beautiful gift from our Manager of Telemark Red Cross. 

Decoration on Street during Christmas

Decoration on Street during Christmas

Skien youth group organised special dinner event on 15th December for youths. We enjoyed a lot with volunteers and leader. We tasted delicious meals. We played Quiz related to Christmas. We talked about the festivals of our respective nation. We shared our different incidents and happening among them.

Jul Dinner in Skien Red Cross

Jul Dinner in Skien Red Cross

It was nice environment to get know each other very close and see the way of celebrating Christmas. We wish all the Christian have very joyful and healthy life. God Jul. 

God Jul to everyone

God Jul to everyone

Ferie For Alle In Røros

From the day we heard we would be celebrating Christmas with Ferie for Alle (Holiday for All) in Røros, our excitement level was quite high. For all 6 of the youth delegates, this Christmas was special. For Aina, Maeva, Johan Sebastian and Sebastian they celebrated Christmas in a new way. For Rajesh and Shabnam it was the first time they celebrated  Christmas. What would have been a better way to celebrate Christmas than in a magical Røros surrounded by friends. We would like to thank Nørd- Trøndelag Røde Kors for arranging this for us.

Our journey for Ferie for Alle started on 22nd December with 8 families from different parts of Trøndelag. Each one of us were responsible for one family. The pairing up was quiet funny when you don't know Norwegian well and they don't speak English. Google Translator was the saviour for most of us.

We got the taste of Norwegian winter culture with Skiing, riding dog sledge, eating Norwegian Christmas dishes. Exploring Røros with the families was fun as we our shoes were buried in inches of snow as we walked.

We participated in activities like  decorating PepperKakker, bowling, Christmas activities of the hotel and lots and lots of swimming, sauna and laying in jacuzzi.

On our last night of Ferie for Alle, we had visit from a guest who called himself Røros Troll. He entertained by singing and telling about Røros. He invited all the particitipants to sign a song from their homeland where we prticipated too. After that, we invited all the families to dance with us.


Spending these Christmas holidays together were great for us as even being away from our families we were with wonderful friends and families.

Dinner on Christmas Eve

Dinner on Christmas Eve


We also had the opportunity to celebrate the new year together at Steinkjer. Which was a little special because the custom says to receive the New Year on the Bridge at midnight. We had our little party at home where we danced, eat before going out to join the tradition. Fireworks an eye everywhere, cries of joys, tears, and everyone hugging everyone and wishing Happy New Year. 

Happy New Year 2017  Feliz Año Nuevo 2017  Bonne année 2017  शुभकामना नयाँ वर्ष 2017

Happy New Year 2017

Feliz Año Nuevo 2017

Bonne année 2017

शुभकामना नयाँ वर्ष 2017








Every year, 5th of December is celebrated as "International Volunteer Day". As a Red Cross volunteer, we are the part of largest humanitarian network. So, what inspires or motivates a person to be a volunteer? We asked this question to several youth volunteers from different parts of the world and different Red Cross National Socities. Scroll down to know what motivates them:

What motivates me and inspires me the most is to see how the work we do affect the vulnerable youth in society and how our volunteernig has a positive affect all over the country. But most of all it is to see how all the volunteers in RCY are growing personally and become better leaders in their core societies.
— Mawra Mahmood, Leader, Røde Kors Ungdom, Norway
What inspires me to be a volunteer is that a society can only work well when everyone contributes something to it.
— Sabrina Konzok, Ambassador of German Red Cross Youth, Germany
My inspiration is my satisfaction. When I help someone,they become happy and sometime they say thankyou.Their smile and happiness give me pleasure and satisfaction and thus my strength is increased day by day to volunteer.Vounteering gives me to spread my connectivity to people of different culture and so cities which help me to learn about differnt culture too.
— Kunal Mishra, Youth volunteer, Nepal Red Cross Society, Nepal
It’s about having a genuine connection with those that I help in my community, instead of only donating money that I don’t know how it will be used. There are alot of other organizations to choose from as volunteer, and by working with red cross I have gained knowledge about humanitarian help and the refugee situation that I would not learn in school.

— Sonja Karlsen, Youth Volunteer, Skien Røde Kors Ungdom, Norway
When I was a student I always looked the activities of Pakistan Red Crescent volunteers that how they are working for the vulnerable people so I applied as a volunteer and today I feel a satisfaction and happiness when I provide my services to the vulnerable and movement.
— Danial Ahsan, Focal Person for Volunteers at Pakistan Red Crescent, Pakistan
The youth have a place to go to inspires me to be a volunteer
— Adrian Eliassen, Leader, Notodden Røde Kors Ungdom, Norway
My motivation at Malagasy Red cross is that we have a big opportunity and avantage because we’re young people and I would like to develop and change our community to do more, do better and reach further.

— Ny Aina Randria`Malala, Volunteer, Croix-Rouge Malagasy, Madagascar
What motivates me is to see progress in what I am doing. Also to see other people happy and thankful motivates me.
— Jan Magne, Second Leader, Rogaland Røde Kors Ungdom, Norway
Well I am motivated by everyone that we can reach out to. Seeing the happiness in the voulenteers, members of red cross and the people we reach out to. It inspires me to be a voulenteer when i get good feedback from the other voulenteers, which I do get in the Red Cross.
— Daniel Larson, Leader, Telemark Røde Kors Ungdom, Norway
I am motivated to volunteer because of the relief that I feel in my soul and in my heart to see people smiling who we help, to see their eyes fill with hope. Seeing them smile, I am happy and it does not matter anymore. It is my life to serve.
— David Fajardo Munoz, Volunteer, Cruz Roja Colombiana, Colombia
It makes me happy when I can make other people happy. I know it sounds really cliche, but when we had the Vær litt kompis activities, there were so many youth that thanked us later and they really enjoyed it. So to get results like that, motivates me. I really love Red Cross also because I see the results immidiately.
— Egle Navickaite, Youth Volunteer, Skien Røde Kors Ungdom, Norway

There are millions of volunteers around the world who are working to serve the humanity and make a world a better place. So, what inspires you to be a volunteer?

Happy International Volunteer Day !!

Celebration of World AIDS Day in Telemark

Prevention is better than Cure.
Especially when something has no cure

It was not long ago when the term " HIV and AIDS" was introduced in the world. It was medically diagnosed in 1981. Now there are 34 million People globally who are living with HIV. About 3.9 million young people aged 15 to 24 are living with HIV who represent 34% of newly infected adults.Less than half of the youth population have accurate basic knowledge of HIV Transmission.

 Every year, 1st of December is marked as World AIDS Day worldwide. We organized some program for showing our solidarity for allthe people living with HIV and aware people about HIV and AIDS. We made " HIV and AIDSAwareness Stand" infront of  Henry House in Porsgrunn. We distributed brochures related to HIVand AIDS awarenss, red ribbons and condoms. We asked people about AIDS and encouraged them to use condom. Some of people were curious and asked many questions about our stand and AIDS. We tried our best to clarifytheir queries. Since the Stand was outside, we had to struggle with cold weather  but we were feeling pretty fine to create awareness about AIDS to the youths and adults.


Similarly, we participated in an activity organized by Skien Røde Kors Ungdom in the occasion of World AIDS Day. We talked about HIV AIDS in present condition. We discussed with volunteers about the status of HIV AIDS in their country. We also shared our government policy and activity of National Society regarding HIV AIDS awareness program. It was nice to tell story related to HIV AIDS from our country. We knew practices, concept, view of people, misconception, misunderstanding in different society. We arranged a quiz related to HIV and AIDS for the volunteers and the winning team was awarded with condoms. 


In developing country like Nepal, there are lots of stigmas related to HIV. People having HIV are not treated normally in the society. Many of the patients are forced to keep quiet about their condition and live isolated life. In Nepal, every year we mark World AIDS Day with various awareness programs.

Awareness Campaign organized by Ramechapp District Chapter, Nepal Red Cross Society on World AIDS Day, 2016

Awareness Campaign organized by Ramechapp District Chapter, Nepal Red Cross Society on World AIDS Day, 2016


Public awareness is the major factor to minimize stigma related to HIV and AIDS. The wrong concept of society should be changed and uplift the dignity of patient living with HIV.  All people must show their solidarity for HIV prevention. Celebration of the day should not be the ultimate goal but it should rather be the start of  actions for creating better world for People living with HIV.   

Here is a video that we ,12 Youth Delegates from the 4 corners of the world made to mark World AIDS Day 2016.