Central Youth Conference. SUK

Photo by: Red Cross Youth

The Central Youth Conference, better known in Norway as SUK (Sentral UngdomsKonferanse), is a national meeting with Red Cross youth volunteers from all the country, they attended for discuses and debate about topics and humanitarian activities that they want to work for the next year. (Period 2016-2017)

This year SUK took place in Sundvollen Hotel, who is located about 40 kilometres of Oslo (Capital of Norway). Around 150 youth volunteers attended this meeting, because is one of the most important event in the year. Also SUK is a space for meet new people, share experiences, make many friends and strengthen friendship and relationships with others.

The agenda, was pretty tight, incidentally, included debates, votes, the action plan for the next year, the election of the new National Council and the new National Youth President election. Also, we had time for the Annual Henry’s Awards where the efforts of young volunteers are recognized.

Mawra Mahmood, Is the new National Youth President.

By majority vote, Mawra Mohmood was elected as a new National Youth President, now she has the challenge of leading the youth volunteers for all the activities and action lines that they decided during SUK.

Mawra is graduate of Business Economic from the University of Reading, currently she works as a financial analyst. Also, she is part of the Leadership and Development Program for young adults of the Future Leaders Organization and she is dabbling in social media and have a fan page in Instagram about alternative fashion.    

We had the opportunity to talk with her, and this is what she told us.

YD:  How long have you been in the Red Cross Volunteer?

MM: I have been to the Red Cross Youth for two years, I started in 2014 and went straight to the National Youth team and now I have the privilege to take this position as National President of Youth.

YD: What is your principal objective for the next year?

 MM: My objective is to make sure that the youth voices are heard and taken into consideration on all levels in the organization. Youth complicity is immensely important and has a much more powerful effect then what might be expected by society. This needs to be demonstrated and portrayed more visually, and that’s exactly what the youth in the organization around Norway is doing. In addition to this I have to say that one of the challenges we have as a youth organization is to acquire a greater ownership in regards to the activities involving and targeting youth within the organization, as we are advisory on all youth related questions.

YD: What kind of humanitarian activities would you like to do?

MM: The main humanitarian activities I think I have capacity and knowledge to execute can be gathered in being an advisory body to youth around the country in order for them to best possibly reach out to our target group with the awareness they should possess. In addition to this it’s important to make sure that the societies facilitate for our future generations to get the best possible care when being a vulnerable youth. I feel that it shouldn’t be difficult to execute consideration to fellow human beings. It’s so important to extend a helping hand and take care of those who are excluded from society for different reasons; who are lonely, new to the country, live with a heavy soul and need a firm and consistent place to grow and receive the human contact and responsiveness that a human being needs.

YD: What is your principal motivation as National Youth President?

MM: Easy. Our volunteers and representatives in all the districts. After having had the responsibility of following-up all the districts it leaves me with more energy and motivation to be an even better supportive figure after the conversations. We have magic happening in this country; they’re constantly helping and supporting our target groups so that there are local alternatives to anyone who needs it. They are influencing the local governments and shaping their local towns to become better places and focusing on developing those who have a necessity for it. Being able to support them and facilitate so that they have the best possible tools and support to execute the tasks they have taken upon them is beyond far the greatest motivation I have. ¿

We wish to Mawra and all the New National Youth Board, a year full of many humanitarian activities for the most vulnerable in Norway.

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La Conferencia Central de Juventud, más conocida en Noruega como SUK, es una reunión nacional de Voluntarios Juveniles, que asisten para debatir y discutir sobre los temas y actividades humanitaria en las que Cruz Roja de la Juventud Noruega trabajará durante el siguiente periodo (2016-2017).

Este año, SUK, tuvo lugar Sundvollen, un hotel ubicado a unos 40 Kilometros de Oslo, la capital de Noruega. Cerca de 150 Voluntarios Juveniles de todas las Seccionales del país asistieron a este evento, uno de los más esperados del año. SUK también es un espacio para conocer nuevos voluntarios, compartir experiencias, hacer muchos amigos y fortalecer los lazos de amistad y las relaciones con otros.

La agenda, bastante apretada, por cierto, incluía debate, votaciones, la definición del plan de acción del siguiente periodo, la elección del nuevo equipo técnico nacional de juventud y por último la elección del nuevo Presidente Nacional de Juventud. También hubo tiempo para la entrega de los Premios Henris, galardones que reconocen el esfuerzo de los Voluntarios Juveniles.

Mawra Mahmood, es la nueva Presidenta Nacional de Juventud.

Por mayoría de votos, Mawra Mohmood, fue elegida como la nueva Presidenta Nacional de Juventud y desde ahora tiene el reto de conducir a los Voluntarios Juveniles por todas las actividades y líneas de acción que durante SUK se definieron.

Mawra egresada de Administración de Negocios de la Universidad de Reading, actualmente trabaja como Analista Financiera. Hace poco decidió unirse al Programa de Liderazgo y Desarrollo para jóvenes adultos de la Organización Futuros Líderes; también ha decidido incursionar en las redes sociales con una cuenta de Instagram sobre moda alternativa. 

Le deseamos a Mawra y a todo el nuevo equipo nacional de juventud, un año lleno de muchas actividades humanitarias en favor de los más vulnerables de Noruega.