Norway is a country which every day can surprise you with new things. This time the opportunity was for a small town in the middle of nowhere, hidden between the most beautiful mountains that we had ever seen, called Førde where the warmest people receive you and you breathe unity and an indescribable tranquility; but at the same time, you breathe energy, joy and desire to work.

It was the first time this year that the delegates from Colombia and Nepal were going to share a workspace, expectations were very high, both by the organizers, the participants and the delegates but the result of this combination was an incredible weekend, full of exciting activities and moments of great emotion.

Sebastian and Shabnam; youth delegates from Colombia and Nepal with the participants

Sebastian and Shabnam; youth delegates from Colombia and Nepal with the participants

It was a youth camp organized by Sogn og Fjordane Red Cross for the youth volunteers. In addition, the youths from Red Cross Nordic World United College were invited. The youth camp became international camp in true sense as there were youths from Norway, Nepal, Colombia, Greece, Netherlands, Bolivia, Italy, Rwanda, Costa Rica, United Kingdom and Denmark. Our task was to talk about Red Cross and share the mystics of volunteering with the youths.

Photo credit: Jostein Vedvik, Sogn og Fjordane Røde Kors

The camp was also special as Sogn og Fjordane Red Cross got new District Youth Board Council. We talked about the history and principles of Red Cross on the first day. On Saturday, we participated in several outdoor activities. We also got chance to eat the Norwegian camping food as we cooked food ourselves in the open fire. But little did we know, it took more than an hour to cook salmon.

There were discussions related to mental health, bullying and sexual health in the evening of Saturday. We talked about sexual health and asked the participants to demonstrate the correct way of using condom. We also talked about the projects related to sexual health in our respective countries.

On the last day of the camp, students from Red Cross Nordic United College arranged team building activities and games. It was nice to see how everyone was sporty and energized to try new things. So, overall the camp ended in very good note. The best part of the camp was the last day when every participant got the envelopes that contained notes written for them by other participants.




Nice place, youths from so many countries and such a wonderful environment, we could not have asked for better weekend. Thank you Sogn of Fjordane Røde Kors for inviting us in the camp.