Last weekend, youth delegates from Nepal and Colombia (Prakriti and Manuel) were invited by Sogn og Fjordane Red Cross to facilitate workshops about Red Cross and Street Mediation during Youth Camp. It was the camp organized by Sogn og Fjordane Red Cross to young volunteers and students from UWC RCN (United World College Red Cross Nordic).

We were lucky that we reached there 8 hours before the program started so we got chance to travel around a beautiful city hidden between beautiful mountains, Førde. On the first day of the camp, we met with other participants from different backgrounds, ate dinner and socialised with them. Then, we facilitated a workshop about Red Cross, its history and principles through the presentation, video, games and group tasks. After our workshop, there was an election of Sogn og Fjordane Red Cross, District Youth Board Council. After the election, we danced on songs from different countries and played board games.

On the second day of the camp, we took a Basic First Aid course together with other participants and participated in camp competition which included team building activities and use of map & compass. We also got chance to eat Norwegian camping food where we cooked food ourselves in the open fire. On that evening, we facilitated a workshop about Street Mediation to the participants where we talked about what is street mediation and why it is important for young people. After our workshop, there was result announcement of camp competition but before that each group had to perform cultural activity including Red Cross principles, where Manuel’s group won the 1st position.

On the last day of the camp, students from UWC RCN arranged teambuilding activities and games. The camp ended with lots of fun, entertainment along with useful information. The best part of the camp was the last day when every participant got the envelopes that contained notes written for them by other participants.

Beautiful place, youths from many countries and a wonderful weekend.

Thank you, Sogn of Fjordane Røde Kors, for inviting us to the camp.