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Hope you all are doing well and have a great påskeferie with your family and friend.

In Easter, Here in Norway lots of people go up in the mountains for Easter holiday and mostly the ski-centres are well crowded, waving the winter and welcoming spring at least in this part of Norway. Also, so many people were injured and lost in the mountains while going for ski. Every year in the time of Easter holiday Hjelpekorps of Nord-Trøndelag established information desk to help such people who were in need. This time Nord-Trøndelag Red Cross Hjelpekorps established their camp in Røyrvik. Along with two volunteers(Linda and Kim) form Steinkjer Red Cross Local Branch, I got the opportunity to be a part of Nord-Trøndelag Red Cross Hjelpekorps (Search and rescue) team.

How it work

The Information desk has all kind of equipment that needed to help people.If there is an emergency like people injured, lost in the mountains and need support; they contact in information desk. Those who are on information desk collected all the information which are important for search and rescue operation, After collecting the information some start to track, some start to look possible local Hjelpekorps team and give information to the local Hjelpekorps team so that they can support the people and save the life. Time to time deployed local team for search and rescue were follow up and give information if there is any kind of change also take an update on progress.

After being part of the team; I realise how different the needs can be from one geographical part to another. For instance, in our context in Nepal first- aid in Red Cross is more inclined to disaster preparedness and response, well here it's more to getting help for the people going out in nature or in the day to day life as an important knowledge to have.

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Youth delegates from Nepal,