Pre-YBTC in Oslo

The end of our mission is getting closer! This is, of course, sad. However, it also means that we get the chance to welcome and pass our knowledge and experience over to the new youth delegates. This week, we had a pleasure of receiving Nishan and Saseena, who are the potential youth delegates from Nepal for the year 2018-2019. At the same time, we had an opportunity to meet the new incoming delegates from Kenya and Colombia, wonderful people, with the intention to serving to the humanity, with the desire to show their culture and share with the Norwegian Youth Volunteers all their knowledge and experience.

We welcomed our incoming youth delegates from Colombia, Kenya and Nepal in a big YDEP family. This family is getting bigger and better. The first step in the journey of incoming youth delegates is to participate in Pre-YBTC (Youth Basic Training Course).

Pre-YBTC is a session where incoming delegates get to know about the new environment, system and Norwegian Red Cross, working culture in Norway and get to know the current delegates and their work experiences. The current delegates have some responsibilities towards incoming delegates. During pre-YBTC we were granted an opportunity to share our experiences as the youth delegates in Norway. We began our sessions with the team building activities because we understand that as youth delegates we will always work in a team. For instance, we conducted some active listening and assertive communication- activities. These are the important skills that you constantly have to make use of as a youth delegate, both with your co-delegate, volunteers and others.

After team building session, we held a presentation about Norwegian Red Cross and played Kahoot quiz with incoming delegates to test their knowledge about NorCross. We also held the presentation about our work experiences from our host districts which gave some initial information about our work. We even talked about working culture in Norway. We talked about practicalities of daily life in Norway. We also took incoming delegates for sightseeing around Oslo.

Thank you for following our blog.

Youth Delegates from Nepal,

Prakriti and Deepak.