Fjellhallen (Mountain Hall)

Have you ever played games in the cave below the mountain or ever imagined of doing that?

Maybe you haven’t but we did it.

This weekend we got an opportunity to visit one activity of Stjørdal Red Cross Omsorg called Åpen hall. It is the activity for young people and adults on every Friday from 19:30 to 22:30. There, young people come together and be active playing different games, as well as build networks and friendships. They can also get free fruits and waffles.

We visited that activity hall with one youth volunteer of Steinkjer Red Cross, where we introduced ourselves to the volunteers working there and joined different games with the participants. We played basketball, cricket, volleyball, table tennis and other different games. It was different experience of playing games there because that activity hall was inside the cave but well organized.

Ferie for alle gathering:

On that same evening, we participated in Ferie for alle gathering with the volunteers from Nord-Trøndelag and Sør-Trøndelag working with Ferie for alle activity. We were given responsibility to organize introduction games and energizers for the participants. We also joined the discussion about activities done in 2017 and their new plans for 2018.

On Saturday, there were different workshops regarding how we can work with children when we are in the field. Through powerpoint presentation, case study and group discussion, facilitators gave information about child welfare and how we should deal with children when we are working with them. All the workshops were in Norwegian but one of the participants helped us in translation and we showed our participation in all workshops: Barnevernvakta (Child welfare) and Kors på halsen.

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Tusen takk

Prakriti and Deepak.