Skiing is a recreational activity and a winter sport in which the participant uses skis to glide on snow. The word ‘Ski’ is derived from the old Norwegian word ‘skíð’ which means a split piece of wood. Skiing was originally a form of transportation in Europe before it became a sport. Today in Norway, skiing is very popular, and it is said that the Norwegians are born with skis on their feet. We have snow for whole year in the mountain region of Nepal, but it is very difficult to do skiing due to geographical conditions.

 Last week, we got an opportunity to go for skiing with our contact person and other international delegates from Colombia and Madagascar. It was the first time we tried skiing and we realised that skiing is not that easy as it looks like. We borrowed some skis and ski boots from Red Cross and went to Steinkjer ski stadium. After reaching there, we put on skis on our feet and tried to walk on the snow. It was very uncomfortable to take first few steps, but we somehow learned how to walk with skis. Mona, our contact person was there to teach us how to do skiing and we practiced some time with her.

Falling (and getting up)

As we know if we fail while doing any activity or anything else we get a chance to learn new thing or find out a way to do it differently, same thing happened with us while practicing skiing. As we started to glide on snow we fell down a lot because we couldn’t maintain balance between our body and skis. The hard part was getting up, it was very difficult to get up because of skis attached to feet and we used to fall down again while trying to get up. Sometimes we felt embarrassed seeing children of 3-4 years doing skiing very easily without falling. Even though we were falling down a lot, we were happy because falling is a part of the game and without falling we can’t learn it.

We enjoyed skiing that day because we were with our friends and that was our first experience of skiing. We also enjoyed sliding on snow board. We are looking forward to doing ski again and we will surely share our experience with you. So, keep following our blogs.

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Tusen Takk!!!

Prakriti and Deepak.