Today we are going to share something interesting about place where we live. The place where we live is called Kongens Gate (King’s street). This place lies in the middle of Steinkjer city. Those things which are important in our daily life (doctor, different supermarkets, train station and bus stop) we can find within five minutes of walking. Also, we reach our office in five minutes by walking from the place where we live. We feel lucky to live in this place because it is easy to go anywhere within short time.

Our apartment is next to the road so every day we can see everything that is happening in that street. It is so difficult to see the crowd of people on the street in comparison to the city where we are from. We miss that crowded street here for five working days, but the weekend is so awesome because we are surrounded by some restaurant and bars. Also, in the weekend it is quite silent but not like rest five days; when 21.00 hit on the clock than slowly street starts to show the real face. The whole street starts becoming like a concert place; everywhere we can see the people and their shouting & cheering; also, we can easily hear the music which is being played on those restaurant and bars. If we are lucky sometimes we can see the real wrestling in the street.


Every weekend street wakes up from 22:00 to 03.00 on the next morning and help people to feel free from stress and enjoy with friends. We always have a question in our mind where do these people go for the five days because we only get chance to see the crowd of people on Friday evening at shopping centre and Saturday night on this street.

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