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‘’The Picture describes more than the words’’

We are here with some pictures collection which we have taken during two days camp with children in LANGVASSHEIMEN.


The camp was organised by Namdalseid Red Cross, where altogether 16 (14 from Namdalseid and 2 from Flatanger ) young children age between 10 to 12 years participated. Namdalseid Red Cross organized that camp with the purpose to get out young children away from data and video games and give the opportunity to them to meet with each other in a different way than they used to meet at school and at home. Also, to create unity among young children from different backgrounds.

The first day of camp started with general information regarding practicalities, rules and regulation of camp for the young children who came to attend that two days camp.

Out door activities on First Day. 

Giving basic information regarding Red Cross and materiel used while doing First Aid .

Second day started with some practical exercise of First Aid.

We would like to thanks Namdalseid Red Cross and Jorun Anita Dahle for giving this opportunity to participate on that camp, also giving a platform to share general information regarding Red Cross and its principles with 16 amazing young children.

We hope that after seeing these pictures you got more information about that two days camp in LANGVASSHEIMEN

Also, we hope you enjoyed our blog post.

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Deepak and Prakriti