Nepal Junior/Youth Red Cross = I SERVE


Today, we are here with some informations about our Junior/Youth Red Cross. We hope that you will like this.

Nepal Red Cross Society (NRCS) was established in 1963 and after two years of its establishment, Nepal Junior/Youth Red Cross was established in 1965 as a youth wing of Nepal Red Cross society. NRCS has, over the years, grown to be the largest humanitarian organisation in Nepal, with 1.2 million members and volunteers and with its network of District Chapters extended in each of the 75 districts of the country. A significant portion of its activities are also borne by students and youth volunteers of Nepal Junior and Youth Red Cross Circles organised at schools,campuses and communities.  

There are more than 5250 Junior/Youth Red Cross circles in Nepal which contains more than 8,00,000 youth members and volunteers who are working to make the organization more strong and visible throughout the country as well as abroad. Junior Red Cross circles contain members from schools, while youth circles have members from campuses and community. There are less numbers of youth circles in community than campuses. Keeping the main motto ¨I SERVE¨ on mind youths are always ready to save life and health; to promote international friendship and understanding; to disseminate Red Cross principles & International Humanitarian Law, and to provide service to the community.

Activities of youths in Nepal is different than Norway.  In Nepal, youths are the first responder on community to fulfil the humanitarian needs whenever it is required due to which all the programs and activity agenda of youth circles are based on community needs. Different trainings and workshops are provided to the youth members and volunteers which help to serve community in needs. Also, youth are mobilized in different awareness programs like WASH, HIV/AIDS and Environment Sanitation.

To save the lives and to fulfil the scarcity of blood, youth circles play an important role in Nepal. Youth circles organize the blood donations camps in their campuses as their regular activity, also they celebrate different important days (Red Cross, First aid, AIDS etc) by organizing the different activities (inter youth circle debate competition, Awareness Rally and simulation, so on) in their youth circles.


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