Ferie for alle (Holiday for all) is an activity of the Norwegian Red Cross. It is an activity where several families gather and spend their holidays together. It is the holiday time for parents and children to get relief from everyday hustle and bustle, from work, school and homework. This activity Ferie for alle was new for us.

During this autumn holidays, we participated as volunteers in the Ferie for alle in Meråker. In Ferie for alle; there were 54 participants (15 families) who were from different parts of Nord-Trøndelag and Sor-Trøndelag districts and 9 volunteers. It was an amazing experience and lots of fun with children and families from different background. There were many people who do not understand English, so it was difficult for us to communicate with them but Mary, one of the volunteers helped us to translate. Every day we learned new Norwegian words through games.

Our journey started on 9th of October with 63 people in total for Ferie for alle. On the first day, we met with all the participants and volunteers and introduced ourselves, also our leader Øyvind shared information about all the schedule and rules of ferie for alle. We spent that evening with those families; playing different games like Idiot and Ten thousand with them. On the second and third days, we went to Rypetoppen Adventure Park where we played zip line, canoeing, made barbeque and went for hiking to waterfall called Brudesløret. On Wednesday evening, we joined the RK ungdomskafe of Meråker Red Cross. We worked there as volunteers and we also made paintings.

On fourth day, we were divided into 2 different groups; one group went to play hundekjøring (sled dogs) and another group went for horse riding. On that evening, we arranged some games and energizers for children and parents. On fifth day, both groups interchanged the activities. Finally, ferie for alle ended on 13th of October. For five days we had fun and enjoyed like a family. We fed ourselves, relaxed, tried new things, tested limits and gathered good experiences and memories.











Volunteers of Ferie for alle in Meråker.


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