Tedious journey from Oslo to Steinkjer.

This is all about an incident that happened with us where time kicked us badly; when we were travelling back to our host district with our local contact person (Mona) after completing our midway evaluation programme at national office of Norwegian Red Cross, Oslo. We both have got different flights but there wasn’t too much difference in landing time, so we planned to take a train to Steinkjer at 21:43 from Trondheim airport. Now you might be thinking what happened with us; like Tom and Jerry cartoon our flight time was playing hide and seek with us. Our real flight time was 20:15 from Oslo airport to Trondheim airport but it was delayed by 20 minutes for us and by 40 minutes for Mona; here this delay affected Mona because she was unable to take that train and we made another plan and decided to take a bus from Trondheim airport to Steinkjer.  After five minutes of planning, we got a notice that our flights were delayed once again, and new flight time was 21:00 for Mona and 21:10 for us. We were really disappointed this time as we had to wait for long time and we were feeling very tired.


Finally, we reached Trondheim airport at 21:55 and we waited for 5 minutes for Mona as we arrived earlier than her. Then we ran down to the bus station and checked the schedule but the last bus going to Steinkjer on Friday was at 20:40. We had no another option than waiting for next train and the next train was coming after about two hours. We went back to the airport and stayed in the waiting area for two hours which was very boring. We took train from Trondheim airport at 23:34 and reached our apartment at 01:15 in the morning. It was very tedious journey from Oslo to Steinkjer.


 How do you feel when you need to wait almost one hour for flight to take off and again two hours more to catch the train to reach your destination when you are tired?


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Deepak & Prakriti