Tusenfryd Café in Hilmar festival

On 9th of November, Tusenfryd café was organized in collaboration with Hilmar festival in the community center of Steinkjer. Tusenfryd café provided free Turkish, Syrian, Eritean and Thai food to about 350 people who came to the event that evening. There were cultural dance, song and music performances from Norway, Turkey and Iraq. Along with other youth volunteers of Steinkjer, we helped in managing tables and chairs, and serving the food and drink to the people. This time Tusenfryd café was quite bigger than before.

                      After Tusenfryd, we also joined other events of Hilmar festival. We went down to Steinkjer Square and there we found the joy of Christmas and lightning among the people. All the people were holding light on their hands. We also did the same, we took light and joined Steinkjer Red Cross Youth Group as well as Tour Group on walkathon across the city. There were light decorations all over the main street and the city looked very beautiful. During the walkathon, we saw small groups of people standing on the side of street and showing their performance of singing and playing traditional music. The walkathon ended in front of Damsaga culture house. We also meet with Red Cross volunteers from other areas like RØFF and Hjelpekorps who were doing volunteering on that event.

Hilmar Festival is one of Norway's largest folk music festival. The Hilmar Festival is organized in week 45 each year. This year the festival was celebrated from 9- 12 November and about 150 artists were presented through 70 different festival events to 9,000 visitors. The program was adapted to all ages with its own children's program, youth program, in addition to the free age limit at the festival itself.

                      The Hilmar Festival focuses on folk music, but also opens the doors to music that lives on the border of this or flips over to other types of shapes. The festival has been featured by the media as a national event and a national festival.

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