Central Youth conference=SUK(sentral ungdomskonferanse)

Central Youth Conference is known as SUK (Sentral UngdomsKonferanse) in Norway which was held from 27th-29th October in Sunvolden Hotel. In this conference, more than 100 Red Cross youths from all parts of Norway came together to discuss and debate about topics and humanitarian activities that they want to work for up coming year.

In this conference we got chance to learn and experience new thing; We saw every youth have equal right to share their concept and information to make better plan for future. One of the most interesting thing for us was that they open each topic in front of youth to get better ideas and views to improve and resolution were passed with votes. we are happy to be part of this conference and view the whole election process and the formation of New National Youth Council. It’s also one of the best example of democracy where everyone has right to share their thought and ideas.

Whole conference was held in Norwegian, but we got the translator which made conference meaningful for all international delegates. We also got chance to disseminate information about our Youth Delegate Exchange Program and our National Red Cross Society to other participants of the conference through speed meeting. While having disseminate information; there was one moment where we feel that we are in front of lion because New president of Norwegian Red cross was in front of us, but everything went well. Also, appreciating the hard work of youth; youth were awarded by Henry 2017 in different categories but best Årest Henry for this year was given to camilla who is the volunteer of Bergen Red Cross. Overall; Central youth conference was one of the best experience for us.

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Tusen Takk


Deepak &Prakriti