“End Isolation

End Stigma

                    End HIV Transmission”

World AIDS Day is celebrated on 1st December each year. This year we celebrated World AIDS Day in a different way with the youth volunteers of Vikna Red Cross. We organized a Stand in the High School of Rørvik to aware young people about HIV and AIDS where we distributed red ribbons, condoms, brochures, candies and peperkaker to the students who came to visit our stand. We made a Signature Campaign to unite young people in the fight against HIV and to end Isolation, Stigma and HIV Transmission. We also prepared Quiz questions related to HIV & AIDS and distributed them to the students to test their knowledge about the disease. The students were curious to give answers to the Quiz questions and one of the teacher of High School took the Quiz questions from our stand and then discussed about those questions in his class. We were very happy to see the students becoming curious and asking us questions about our stand and HIV.

After making Stand in High School for 2 hours, we went to the Secondary School of Rørvik along with other youth volunteers where we celebrated World AIDS Day with the students of Grade 8 & 9. We gave a short powerpoint presentation about HIV, its causes, symptoms and preventive measures to the students and some teachers of Secondary School. Trine, leader of Vikna Red Cross Youth Group helped us in translating our presentation into Norwegian so that the students can understand us clearly. After the presentation, we distributed the Quiz questions to all the students to check their knowledge about HIV. Trine teached the young students how to use condoms by doing Condom Demonstration. The students were shy when Trine was teaching them how to use condom but after a while they came in front of the class and practiced by themselves. We also distributed condoms, candies and peperkaker to them after the program. The students and teachers of Secondary School were happy with us that we came to their school for giving some information about HIV & AIDS.

Also, we encouraged the volunteers of Vikna Red Cross Youth Group to do similar activities next year too. We had also made arrangement to do Candle Light on that evening to commemorate people who have died from HIV but due to the Snowy weather we had to cancel that program. Overall, we celebrated World AIDS Day in different way than in our country, but we were successful to create awareness among many young people about HIV and AIDS.

Condom Demonstration by Trine

Here is a video showing how the 12 Youth Delegates celebrated World AIDS Day 2017 in 4 corners of the world with a common campaign #Let’sEndIt.

This is our story about how we celebrated World AIDS Day. If you want to share with us how you celebrated this day, please write it in the comment box below or you can also send us message in our facebook account: Deepak Ungdomsdelegat or Prakriti Ungdomsdelegat.

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Tusen Takk

Prakriti and Deepak.