Tusenfryd Café in Hilmar festival

On 9th of November, Tusenfryd café was organized in collaboration with Hilmar festival in the community center of Steinkjer. Tusenfryd café provided free Turkish, Syrian, Eritean and Thai food to about 350 people who came to the event that evening. There were cultural dance, song and music performances from Norway, Turkey and Iraq. Along with other youth volunteers of Steinkjer, we helped in managing tables and chairs, and serving the food and drink to the people. This time Tusenfryd café was quite bigger than before.

                      After Tusenfryd, we also joined other events of Hilmar festival. We went down to Steinkjer Square and there we found the joy of Christmas and lightning among the people. All the people were holding light on their hands. We also did the same, we took light and joined Steinkjer Red Cross Youth Group as well as Tour Group on walkathon across the city. There were light decorations all over the main street and the city looked very beautiful. During the walkathon, we saw small groups of people standing on the side of street and showing their performance of singing and playing traditional music. The walkathon ended in front of Damsaga culture house. We also meet with Red Cross volunteers from other areas like RØFF and Hjelpekorps who were doing volunteering on that event.

Hilmar Festival is one of Norway's largest folk music festival. The Hilmar Festival is organized in week 45 each year. This year the festival was celebrated from 9- 12 November and about 150 artists were presented through 70 different festival events to 9,000 visitors. The program was adapted to all ages with its own children's program, youth program, in addition to the free age limit at the festival itself.

                      The Hilmar Festival focuses on folk music, but also opens the doors to music that lives on the border of this or flips over to other types of shapes. The festival has been featured by the media as a national event and a national festival.

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Our dream came true; Meråker to Steinkjer

Do you guys know what is Aurora? Of course, you might know it is the name of Red Cross youth delegate who is now working in Madagascar. But we are asking you what is the meaning of Aurora?

Some of you must know its meaning but not all of you. We will tell you what is Aurora and our experience with it.

Aurora, sometimes referred as polar lights, northern lights or southern lights, is a natural light display in the sky, predominantly seen in the high latitude (Arctic and Antarctic) regions. The origin of the northern lights has various explanations in folklore and mythology. The Sami people in the North Norway believed that the fires in the sky were the souls of the dead and that they had magical effects.

Photo by Mohamed Abud

Photo by Mohamed Abud

 Norway is one of the best place in the world to see northern lights. We feel ourselves lucky as we got opportunity to live and work in Nord-Trøndelag, though it lies in middle part of Norway, we can see northern lights very often from here between late September and late March.

Our first experience with northern light was several weeks before. It was about 8 O’clock in the evening, Mohamed Abud, one of the volunteer of Steinkjer Red Cross posted a photo of Northern light in Steinkjer seen from his home. He suggested us to go out if we would like to see it. We were very happy because we heard about this from the mouth of many people also we were waiting for long time to see it. So, we run down to the street with a hope of seeing northern light for the first time. But unfortunately, it was gone before we reached to the street. We went back with a new hope to see northern light soon.

Northern lights seen from Steinkjer. Photo by: Mohamed Abud

Northern lights seen from Steinkjer. Photo by: Mohamed Abud

Yesterday, when we were travelling back to our apartment after having a meeting in Meråker; we were sleeping as it was a long way back to home and suddenly Mona (our LCP) told us to wake up and see the sky. We were very happy to see the mesmerizing view of Northern lights scattered all over the sky. Then, we stopped the car aside and got out to see it more clearly. We were delighted to see Aurora changing its shapes and intensity and moving around the sky for more than one hour through the window of the car on our way back home. It was one of the happiest moment of our life as our dream of seeing northern light came true.


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Central Youth conference=SUK(sentral ungdomskonferanse)

Central Youth Conference is known as SUK (Sentral UngdomsKonferanse) in Norway which was held from 27th-29th October in Sunvolden Hotel. In this conference, more than 100 Red Cross youths from all parts of Norway came together to discuss and debate about topics and humanitarian activities that they want to work for up coming year.

In this conference we got chance to learn and experience new thing; We saw every youth have equal right to share their concept and information to make better plan for future. One of the most interesting thing for us was that they open each topic in front of youth to get better ideas and views to improve and resolution were passed with votes. we are happy to be part of this conference and view the whole election process and the formation of New National Youth Council. It’s also one of the best example of democracy where everyone has right to share their thought and ideas.

Whole conference was held in Norwegian, but we got the translator which made conference meaningful for all international delegates. We also got chance to disseminate information about our Youth Delegate Exchange Program and our National Red Cross Society to other participants of the conference through speed meeting. While having disseminate information; there was one moment where we feel that we are in front of lion because New president of Norwegian Red cross was in front of us, but everything went well. Also, appreciating the hard work of youth; youth were awarded by Henry 2017 in different categories but best Årest Henry for this year was given to camilla who is the volunteer of Bergen Red Cross. Overall; Central youth conference was one of the best experience for us.

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Ferie for alle (Holiday for all) is an activity of the Norwegian Red Cross. It is an activity where several families gather and spend their holidays together. It is the holiday time for parents and children to get relief from everyday hustle and bustle, from work, school and homework. This activity Ferie for alle was new for us.

During this autumn holidays, we participated as volunteers in the Ferie for alle in Meråker. In Ferie for alle; there were 54 participants (15 families) who were from different parts of Nord-Trøndelag and Sor-Trøndelag districts and 9 volunteers. It was an amazing experience and lots of fun with children and families from different background. There were many people who do not understand English, so it was difficult for us to communicate with them but Mary, one of the volunteers helped us to translate. Every day we learned new Norwegian words through games.

Our journey started on 9th of October with 63 people in total for Ferie for alle. On the first day, we met with all the participants and volunteers and introduced ourselves, also our leader Øyvind shared information about all the schedule and rules of ferie for alle. We spent that evening with those families; playing different games like Idiot and Ten thousand with them. On the second and third days, we went to Rypetoppen Adventure Park where we played zip line, canoeing, made barbeque and went for hiking to waterfall called Brudesløret. On Wednesday evening, we joined the RK ungdomskafe of Meråker Red Cross. We worked there as volunteers and we also made paintings.

On fourth day, we were divided into 2 different groups; one group went to play hundekjøring (sled dogs) and another group went for horse riding. On that evening, we arranged some games and energizers for children and parents. On fifth day, both groups interchanged the activities. Finally, ferie for alle ended on 13th of October. For five days we had fun and enjoyed like a family. We fed ourselves, relaxed, tried new things, tested limits and gathered good experiences and memories.











Volunteers of Ferie for alle in Meråker.


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Sunday turned into Monday (Søndag ble til mandag)

We all know 8th May is important date in Red Cross likewise 18th September 2017 is one of the important day for us in our life, from which we have started our new journey as youth delegates in our host district chapter (Nord- Trøndelag Red Cross). Here in Norway the week begins on Monday which is quite different than in Nepal because we start all our official work from Sunday in our country. Our Sunday turned into Monday and Sunday is Holiday now here in Norway.


On the first day of our work, we were well prepared but also there was some nervousness inside us and as we entered inside Nord-Trøndelag Red Cross office, big Red Cross Emblem welcomed us which gave us some energy to face the challenges of being in new context. Our local contact person Mona and we had a small meeting together; talked about some practicalities, needs and expectations. We had introduction and socializing lunch with our new colleagues in first day of our office so, we engaged to prepare our presentation about Nepal, Nepal Red Cross and our Background for some time and at 11:00 we held our presentation in front of all and ate lunch together, also we got some information about Nord-Trøndelag district from them. Our first day in new office was more better than what we thought at morning before going to office.


When we were on our pre-departure course, we already felt that it would not be easy to learn Norwegian language. Now we have started our Norwegian Language Classes and we found that it is difficult to learn Norwegian because they don’t pronounce a word in the same way they write it. There are some words like J, H, T, D, G which are not pronounced in some words and it’s difficult to find out in which words we should pronounce them and in which we don’t have to. Altogether there are 29 alphabets in Norwegian language, 26 alphabets are same as English and there are 3 extra alphabets Æ, Ø and Å; it’s very difficult to pronounce these words as they sound similar. Also, there are different dialogues spoken in different parts of Norway. The dialogue we are learning here in Steinkjer is different from the dialogue spoken in Oslo. So, it’s quite challenging for us to learn Norwegian. Our language teacher (Arvid) has given us new Norwegian names Lys (Deepak) and Natur (Prakriti).


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Cultural Exchange.....

                     We have been quite busy on learning about the activities of Nord-Trøndelag Red Cross, attending them and meeting volunteers and people in Red Cross as well as outside in this week. We held presentation about Nepal, Nepali culture, our National Society, our voluntary works back in Nepal and about the YDEP for our colleagues in Nord-Trøndelag Red Cross, local leaders and the volunteer of red cross youth.

                      This week we became the part of the café called Tusenfryd. This Café opens for twice a month (Every alternate Thursday), which plays the role of bridge for the people, here people can come and spend their time by making new friends and enjoying new food. This cafe is opened for everyone. This time we shared information about our country and Nepali culture in the café, everyone was listening carefully which made us feel happy and proud.   

                        Out of three objectives of YDEP, cultural exchange in one. Back in our home country, people are celebrating one of our biggest festival called Dashain. Everyone feels somehow bad not being with their family in biggest festive and, we felt same but no matter we are far from our home and family in biggest festival, we celebrated it here with our new colleagues and youth volunteers of Steinkjer red cross which is the most memorable and new experiences for us. We prepared the Nepali food as we used to prepare in Nepal. We showed them a documentary about our festival Dashain, explained them how we used to celebrate it in Nepal, we received Tika and blessings from Henry one of our colleague and we served them with Nepali food.   

                      Dashain is one of the biggest festival of Nepal which is celebrated during the month of Kartik (late September and October).  This festival symbolizes the victory of good over the evils. It is the longest and the most auspicious festival, celebrated by Nepalese of all caste and creed throughout the country. This festival is celebrated for 15 days which is stared during the bright lunar fortnight ending on the day of the full moon. Each 15 days have their own kind of importantance but first (Ghaṭasthapana), seventh(fulpati), eighth (Maha Asthami), ninth (Maha Navami) and tenth (Bijaya Dashami) days are most important in festival. All the government, private offices, educational institutions remain closed during this auspicious festival to celebrate the festival together with the family, friends, and relatives.


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Welcome Party in Vikna

Travelling and meeting new people are our hobbies. It was our first visit to Vikna after landing on our host district. We five (our local contact person, two volunteers from Stienkjer youth group and two of us) started our journey with excitement and curiosity to meet the youth group of Vikna, also to know more about that place. When we started our journey to Vikna, the weather in Steinkjer was quite good whenever we moved forward we found that the weather was changing, sometimes it was raining and sometimes it was sunny as it is autumn here in Norway. We didn’t realize how fast the time passed by as we were enjoying the beautiful natural scenario outside the window.

     After 3 hours of driving finally we reached our destination, where we received warm welcome from the youth group of Vikna. They had made good arrangements of the programme with Norwegian food and lots of activities like icebreakers, energizers, games and dances. We spent wonderful time with 17 energetic youths of Vikna and we participated in all the activities, also we danced with them in our Nepali song. We ended our day in Vikna by going for sightseeing with some of the volunteers even though it was raining.


Hiking trip to the geographical midpoint of Norway

This weekend we joined the activity of Steinkjer Red Cross Tour Group which was hiking to Norway’s geographical midpoint, located inside Blåfjella-Skjækerfjella National Park in the South-Eastern part of Steinkjer. There were 27 people who joined this trip. We started our journey at 9am and we travelled 40 km from Steinkjer by bus to reach the gateway to Norway’s geographical midpoint. The hike started at the car park near Lake Lustadvatnet. From there we walked on the marked path of railway sleepers to the geographical centre of Norway. The path was very narrow so while walking we had to focus on our steps and if we tried to look at the nature around, we used to put our foot on the wet land. The distance of the midpoint and return was 20 km and it took about 6 hours.

     When we reached the midpoint, we found a monument marking the significance of the spot and there was a note book in which we wrote our names. After that we had a lunch break in the rustic shelter and then we travelled back. This was our first hiking experience in Norway and we enjoyed it a lot. This trip also helped us to socialize with other people and to know more about the Norwegian culture.

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Being in New context

        Two youths from the country of mountains(Nepal) have landed in the country of midnight sun(Norway) with a new hope, more enthusiasm and willingness to do more, do better and reach further. Everywhere in Norway, it is green and beautiful, with the sunlight it looks more beautiful. We are very excited and happy to be in new world because we are going to learn more about the new place(Norway) and more about their culture, languages and food.

       Being in new environment usually for every individual needs some time to adapt in it. It would probably be difficult for both incoming (Colombia, Madagascar and Nepal) and outgoing youth delegates of Norway. We usually eat warm food either it is hot or cold weather almost for every meal. We had totally different experience in Norway, cold food with less or almost no spices. It’s been a month now and we are trying our best to adapt in new culture.

      Even though we are far from our country and our family, we are having a wonderful time in a group of youths from different national societies (Nepal, Colombia, Madagascar and Norway). This has been a great learning experience from each other. We strongly feel that we are now well prepared for our mission, both in the context of new culture and working environment. And we are looking forward to learn more and work closely with the Red Cross youths, using our experience in Red Cross, in our host district (Nord-Trøndelag).

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Hello and नमस्ते everyone,

We are the two youth delegates for 2017-18 from Nepal to Norway and we will be staying in Steinkjer, Nord-Trøndelag District for 9 months.

Photo by Sverre Ø. Eikill, Red Cross.

Photo by Sverre Ø. Eikill, Red Cross.

I am Prakriti Bista, 23 years old from Lalitpur, Nepal. I have studied Bachelor in Nutrition and Dietetics in Dharan, Nepal. I have been working as a volunteer of Nepal Red Cross for four years, participating in different youth led humanitarian activities with the motto “I SERVE”. My main areas of focus have been dissemination of Red Cross principles & International Humanitarian Law and Service to the community. I have worked as a volunteer during blood donation programs and health camps conducted in different occasions. I have also volunteered during fund collection for earthquake victims and during awareness campaigns.

I am Deepak Pathak, 24 years old, student of B.sc Chemistry at Tri-Chandra Multiple Campus, Kathmandu, Nepal. I am associated with Youth Red Cross Circle of Tri-Chandra Campus as well as Nepal Red Cross Society, Kathmandu District Chapter since 2012. In these 5 years of volunteering service, I have participated as well as organized different programs like blood donation, first aid training, road safety and awareness program, relief distribution and I have an experience of volunteering at the time of the Mega Earthquake 2015 in Nepal. Additionally, I have worked as a WASH volunteer at the time of Emergency and conducting several Health, WASH and Safety related awareness camps at the community level. I am also a certified First Aider as well as instructor of PASSA (Participatory Approach for Safe Shelter Awareness), SIYB (Start and Improved Your Business), and Emergency Health.

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