Welcome Party in Vikna

Travelling and meeting new people are our hobbies. It was our first visit to Vikna after landing on our host district. We five (our local contact person, two volunteers from Stienkjer youth group and two of us) started our journey with excitement and curiosity to meet the youth group of Vikna, also to know more about that place. When we started our journey to Vikna, the weather in Steinkjer was quite good whenever we moved forward we found that the weather was changing, sometimes it was raining and sometimes it was sunny as it is autumn here in Norway. We didn’t realize how fast the time passed by as we were enjoying the beautiful natural scenario outside the window.

     After 3 hours of driving finally we reached our destination, where we received warm welcome from the youth group of Vikna. They had made good arrangements of the programme with Norwegian food and lots of activities like icebreakers, energizers, games and dances. We spent wonderful time with 17 energetic youths of Vikna and we participated in all the activities, also we danced with them in our Nepali song. We ended our day in Vikna by going for sightseeing with some of the volunteers even though it was raining.


Hiking trip to the geographical midpoint of Norway

This weekend we joined the activity of Steinkjer Red Cross Tour Group which was hiking to Norway’s geographical midpoint, located inside Blåfjella-Skjækerfjella National Park in the South-Eastern part of Steinkjer. There were 27 people who joined this trip. We started our journey at 9am and we travelled 40 km from Steinkjer by bus to reach the gateway to Norway’s geographical midpoint. The hike started at the car park near Lake Lustadvatnet. From there we walked on the marked path of railway sleepers to the geographical centre of Norway. The path was very narrow so while walking we had to focus on our steps and if we tried to look at the nature around, we used to put our foot on the wet land. The distance of the midpoint and return was 20 km and it took about 6 hours.

     When we reached the midpoint, we found a monument marking the significance of the spot and there was a note book in which we wrote our names. After that we had a lunch break in the rustic shelter and then we travelled back. This was our first hiking experience in Norway and we enjoyed it a lot. This trip also helped us to socialize with other people and to know more about the Norwegian culture.

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Danyabaad, Thank you, Tusen takk from Prakriti and Deepak.


Being in New context

        Two youths from the country of mountains(Nepal) have landed in the country of midnight sun(Norway) with a new hope, more enthusiasm and willingness to do more, do better and reach further. Everywhere in Norway, it is green and beautiful, with the sunlight it looks more beautiful. We are very excited and happy to be in new world because we are going to learn more about the new place(Norway) and more about their culture, languages and food.

       Being in new environment usually for every individual needs some time to adapt in it. It would probably be difficult for both incoming (Colombia, Madagascar and Nepal) and outgoing youth delegates of Norway. We usually eat warm food either it is hot or cold weather almost for every meal. We had totally different experience in Norway, cold food with less or almost no spices. It’s been a month now and we are trying our best to adapt in new culture.

      Even though we are far from our country and our family, we are having a wonderful time in a group of youths from different national societies (Nepal, Colombia, Madagascar and Norway). This has been a great learning experience from each other. We strongly feel that we are now well prepared for our mission, both in the context of new culture and working environment. And we are looking forward to learn more and work closely with the Red Cross youths, using our experience in Red Cross, in our host district (Nord-Trøndelag).

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Thank you

Tusen Takk

Prakriti & Deepak.



Hello and नमस्ते everyone,

We are the two youth delegates for 2017-18 from Nepal to Norway and we will be staying in Steinkjer, Nord-Trøndelag District for 9 months.

Photo by Sverre Ø. Eikill, Red Cross.

Photo by Sverre Ø. Eikill, Red Cross.

I am Prakriti Bista, 23 years old from Lalitpur, Nepal. I have studied Bachelor in Nutrition and Dietetics in Dharan, Nepal. I have been working as a volunteer of Nepal Red Cross for four years, participating in different youth led humanitarian activities with the motto “I SERVE”. My main areas of focus have been dissemination of Red Cross principles & International Humanitarian Law and Service to the community. I have worked as a volunteer during blood donation programs and health camps conducted in different occasions. I have also volunteered during fund collection for earthquake victims and during awareness campaigns.

I am Deepak Pathak, 24 years old, student of Chemistry at Tri-Chandra Multiple Campus, Kathmandu, Nepal. I am associated with Youth Red Cross Circle of Tri-Chandra Campus as well as Nepal Red Cross Society, Kathmandu District Chapter since 2012. In these 5 years of volunteering service, I have participated as well as organized different programs like blood donation, first aid training, road safety and awareness program, relief distribution and I have an experience of volunteering at the time of the Mega Earthquake 2015 in Nepal. Additionally, I have worked as a WASH volunteer at the time of Emergency and conducting several Health, WASH and Safety related awareness camps at the community level. I am also a certified First Aider as well as instructor of PASSA (Participatory Approach for Safe Shelter Awareness), SIYB (Start and Improved Your Business), and Emergency Health.

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Tusen Takk



Prakriti and Deepak.