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Vårt 9 måneders oppdrag i Nord-Trøndelag er nå over, og det er på tide å si takk for den fine tiden sammen med Nord-Trøndelag Røde Kors. Tiden flyr, det føles om vi kom i går og nå er vi ferdig med 9 hele måneder. Vi har møtt mange flotte mennesker, feiret jul for aller første gang og prøvd vinter sport. Vi vil huske 17. mai og folketoget hvor vi ropte «Hip Hip Hurra». Disse 9 månedene har vært full av nye opplevelser og begeistring. Dette eventyret er nå over. Det har vært en glede å bli kjent med alle dere!!

Tusen takk for deres tålmodighet, omsorg og kjærlighet i løpet av denne perioden.


Our nine months mission in Nord-Trøndelag is going to end from this week, and it's time to say thank you for all the good times with the Nord-Trøndelag Red Cross! How fast time flies, it feels like we arrived here yesterday and now we have already completed 9 whole months. We met many amazing people, celebrated Christmas for the first time and tried winter sports. We will remember 17th of May and the parade where we shouted, "Hip Hip Hurra". These 9 months have been full of new things and excitement. This adventure is now over.  It has been a pleasure to get to know all of you!!

Thank you so much everyone for your patience, care, love and kindness that you gave to us during our mission.


Ha det bra!! Good Bye for now.

Youth delegates from Nepal,

Prakriti and Deepak.

17 May, Norway's National Day

17th of May is Norway’s National Day and is an important day for many Norwegians. It is the day where the Norwegian people celebrate that Norway got its own constitution in 1814. Norwegian people walk in parades all over the country, wave the Norwegian flag and wear their national costumes, the “bunad”. In schools, you will find children doing fun activities all day long and it is also very common to eat hot dogs and a lot of ice cream on this day.   

While many countries celebrate their national day with a military parade, the 17th of May is more of a celebration for everyone, and especially the children. Before you head out in the streets, many will have a "17th of May breakfast" – often a potluck with friends and neighbours – with freshly baked bread, scrambled eggs, smoked salmon, and for the grown-ups, champagne.

Children’s parades then take place across the country and led by marching bands they walk through their communities. The largest of the traditional parades attracts tens of thousands of people waving flags and shouting «hurra! ». In Oslo, the parade is greeted by the royal family waving to the crowd.

The day is also an opportunity for men and women to wear their "bunad", Norway’s traditional costumes. There are hundreds of different ones, with colours and styles indicating where in Norway the owner's ancestry lies. This is a truly special time to be in Norway, and you should, by all means, join in with the locals, but don't expect to get much else done that day – most shops and offices are closed on the 17th of May.

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Youth Delegates from Nepal,

Prakriti and Deepak.




Hello everyone, Namaste.

‘’The Picture describes more than the words’’

We are here with some pictures collection which we have taken during two days camp with children in LANGVASSHEIMEN.


The camp was organised by Namdalseid Red Cross, where altogether 16 (14 from Namdalseid and 2 from Flatanger ) young children age between 10 to 12 years participated. Namdalseid Red Cross organized that camp with the purpose to get out young children away from data and video games and give the opportunity to them to meet with each other in a different way than they used to meet at school and at home. Also, to create unity among young children from different backgrounds.

The first day of camp started with general information regarding practicalities, rules and regulation of camp for the young children who came to attend that two days camp.

Out door activities on First Day. 

Giving basic information regarding Red Cross and materiel used while doing First Aid .

Second day started with some practical exercise of First Aid.

We would like to thanks Namdalseid Red Cross and Jorun Anita Dahle for giving this opportunity to participate on that camp, also giving a platform to share general information regarding Red Cross and its principles with 16 amazing young children.

We hope that after seeing these pictures you got more information about that two days camp in LANGVASSHEIMEN

Also, we hope you enjoyed our blog post.

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Deepak and Prakriti



'Everywhere for everyone'

Around the world, the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement is providing a wide range of services to the most vulnerable in all types of contexts - from responding to needs in disaster and conflict situations, to providing assistance in urban centres and hard to reach areas and advocating on behalf of those in need in policy circles and to governments. Red Cross and Red Crescent volunteers and staff make the last mile effort to ensure that no one is left behind. They provide services that address specific needs of underserved populations.

IMG_8281 (2).JPG

Everywhere for everyone. Showing humanity amidst inhumanity. Red Cross volunteers and staff work tirelessly to prevent and alleviate human suffering and strive to build more resilient communities in the spirit of humanity. All these contributions and achievements are celebrated worldwide on the World Red Cross Red Crescent Day, the 8th May.

This year around 14 million Red Cross volunteers in 191 countries celebrated World Red Cross Red Crescent Day with the theme ‘Everywhere for everyone’ using a simple call to action to share one of the most universal symbols- ‘a smile’. A smile is a universal sign of happiness, comfort, satisfaction. For a volunteer, it means a job well done. For someone affected by the crisis, it can mean someone is ready and willing to help.

We also celebrated this day with the volunteers of Nord-Trøndelag Red Cross. At the same time, youth volunteers of Steinkjer organized a farewell party for us. All the volunteers and our colleagues were invited for the celebration in Steinkjer Red Cross house. We started the programme with a short video about our journey as youth delegates in Nord-Trøndelag Red Cross. Then, we ate delicious food and cakes and danced. After that, we played kahoot quiz about Red Cross with the volunteers to test their knowledge about Red Cross. We also arranged a gift for the winner. Øyvind, one of the volunteer from Omsorg won the quiz and we gave a souvenir from Nepal Red Cross Society as the gift. After kahoot quiz, we danced with the volunteers in the songs from different countries.

Then, we marked World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day 2018 with all the participants by doing candlelight in front of the Red Cross house.

We all around the world celebrate World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day in our own way. Whatever may be the techniques of celebration, we stand for the 7 principles of Red Cross.

Happy World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day.

Keep following our blogs,

Youth delegates from Nepal,

Prakriti and Deepak.



Pre-YBTC in Oslo

The end of our mission is getting closer! This is, of course, sad. However, it also means that we get the chance to welcome and pass our knowledge and experience over to the new youth delegates. This week, we had a pleasure of receiving Nishan and Saseena, who are the potential youth delegates from Nepal for the year 2018-2019. At the same time, we had an opportunity to meet the new incoming delegates from Kenya and Colombia, wonderful people, with the intention to serving to the humanity, with the desire to show their culture and share with the Norwegian Youth Volunteers all their knowledge and experience.

We welcomed our incoming youth delegates from Colombia, Kenya and Nepal in a big YDEP family. This family is getting bigger and better. The first step in the journey of incoming youth delegates is to participate in Pre-YBTC (Youth Basic Training Course).

Pre-YBTC is a session where incoming delegates get to know about the new environment, system and Norwegian Red Cross, working culture in Norway and get to know the current delegates and their work experiences. The current delegates have some responsibilities towards incoming delegates. During pre-YBTC we were granted an opportunity to share our experiences as the youth delegates in Norway. We began our sessions with the team building activities because we understand that as youth delegates we will always work in a team. For instance, we conducted some active listening and assertive communication- activities. These are the important skills that you constantly have to make use of as a youth delegate, both with your co-delegate, volunteers and others.

After team building session, we held a presentation about Norwegian Red Cross and played Kahoot quiz with incoming delegates to test their knowledge about NorCross. We also held the presentation about our work experiences from our host districts which gave some initial information about our work. We even talked about working culture in Norway. We talked about practicalities of daily life in Norway. We also took incoming delegates for sightseeing around Oslo.

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Youth Delegates from Nepal,

Prakriti and Deepak.



Hello and Namaste

Hope you all are doing well and have a great påskeferie with your family and friend.

In Easter, Here in Norway lots of people go up in the mountains for Easter holiday and mostly the ski-centres are well crowded, waving the winter and welcoming spring at least in this part of Norway. Also, so many people were injured and lost in the mountains while going for ski. Every year in the time of Easter holiday Hjelpekorps of Nord-Trøndelag established information desk to help such people who were in need. This time Nord-Trøndelag Red Cross Hjelpekorps established their camp in Røyrvik. Along with two volunteers(Linda and Kim) form Steinkjer Red Cross Local Branch, I got the opportunity to be a part of Nord-Trøndelag Red Cross Hjelpekorps (Search and rescue) team.

How it work

The Information desk has all kind of equipment that needed to help people.If there is an emergency like people injured, lost in the mountains and need support; they contact in information desk. Those who are on information desk collected all the information which are important for search and rescue operation, After collecting the information some start to track, some start to look possible local Hjelpekorps team and give information to the local Hjelpekorps team so that they can support the people and save the life. Time to time deployed local team for search and rescue were follow up and give information if there is any kind of change also take an update on progress.

After being part of the team; I realise how different the needs can be from one geographical part to another. For instance, in our context in Nepal first- aid in Red Cross is more inclined to disaster preparedness and response, well here it's more to getting help for the people going out in nature or in the day to day life as an important knowledge to have.

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Stayed tune.......

Youth delegates from Nepal,

Gathering and Holi Celebration


Hello everyone, Namaste.

We hope that you are doing well.

Two different districts office became one and two different families going to work as one family so it is necessary for everyone to know each other. On 1st March their was gathering for the people who work on Sør-Trøndelag and Nord-Trøndelag Red Cross office. As a part of Nord- Trondelag, we( youth delegates) also join this gathering together with other colleagues. One of the interesting thing for us was that selection of a place (levenger) for this gathering because people from both offices need to drive for hours to come over there. We talk each other and ate food together also we play bowling.

On the same day back to Nepal, Nepal is celebrating one of the festivals from their calendar called Holi. Not like nepal but we also celebrate this festival togther with all the coullages form Sør and Nord Trondelag by putting different colours in our face.we are so happy to celebrate our festival with them and tell them about this festival.



Holi is a festival of colors celebrated every year on a full moon day in the month of March (or Falgun). It is also known as the festival of love, joy, happiness, unity, renewal and triumph. We celebrate holi with vibrant colours indicating joy, love and happiness to each other. Behind celebrating the holi festival there is a great reason, legends, beliefs and significance.A long ago, there was a king, Hiranyakashyap, his sister, Holika and son, Prahlad. Prahlad was a holy spirit and spiritually devoted to God, however, his father was keen to be worshipped by everyone including his own son as a God. But it was not accepted by the Prahlad and he continued worshipping God. His father was angry with him and planned to kill him by burning in the fire. He asked sister Holika to have Prahlad in her lap and sit in the fire (as Holika was booned by the God to never get killed by the fire). Holika did so but unfortunately, she died in the fire and Prahlad was saved by the Lord. This myth had originated the holi celebration.People fully enjoy this day by playing colors, meeting and hugging each other, eating tasty foods and other activities. People meet with their near and dear ones, friends, relatives, neighbours and apply abeer to their forehead which shows their happiness to each other. People welcome others to their door step with lots of eating things and colours. In this way, they pass their whole day with lots of fun and joy.

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Stayed tune.......

Youth delegates from Nepal,


Yesterday, we got an opportunity to attend an event called “Nepalese Cultural Evening” organized by Nepalese Society in Trondheim (NeST) in order to present Nepalese Cultural and NaturalDiversity.

NeST has been organizing this event since more than a decade in Trondheim for exchanging culture and spreading love and harmony with people from different corner of the world. This year, there were more than 250 participants from different countries. Each one of them coming as a guest was presented with souvenir from Nepal.


At the beginning, there was an exhibition of Nepalese cultural artifacts. Then, there were cultural dance performances representing different seasons of Nepal. Among 123 ethnic groups of Nepal, four different ethnic communities performed their traditional dances to show unity in diversity. There was a role-play about Nepalese pre­­-wedding procedure to show how wedding takes place. It was shown to portray that arranged marriage is not forceful marriage rather it is a common agreement between two families including bride and bridegroom. In between these performances, there was Kahooot Quiz about Nepal to test the knowledge of participants about Nepal and Nepali culture. And then, delicious Nepalese dinner was served at the end of the event.

Thank you for following our blog.

Youth Delegates from Nepal,

Prakriti and Deepak.


Last weekend, youth delegates from Nepal and Colombia (Prakriti and Manuel) were invited by Sogn og Fjordane Red Cross to facilitate workshops about Red Cross and Street Mediation during Youth Camp. It was the camp organized by Sogn og Fjordane Red Cross to young volunteers and students from UWC RCN (United World College Red Cross Nordic).

We were lucky that we reached there 8 hours before the program started so we got chance to travel around a beautiful city hidden between beautiful mountains, Førde. On the first day of the camp, we met with other participants from different backgrounds, ate dinner and socialised with them. Then, we facilitated a workshop about Red Cross, its history and principles through the presentation, video, games and group tasks. After our workshop, there was an election of Sogn og Fjordane Red Cross, District Youth Board Council. After the election, we danced on songs from different countries and played board games.

On the second day of the camp, we took a Basic First Aid course together with other participants and participated in camp competition which included team building activities and use of map & compass. We also got chance to eat Norwegian camping food where we cooked food ourselves in the open fire. On that evening, we facilitated a workshop about Street Mediation to the participants where we talked about what is street mediation and why it is important for young people. After our workshop, there was result announcement of camp competition but before that each group had to perform cultural activity including Red Cross principles, where Manuel’s group won the 1st position.

On the last day of the camp, students from UWC RCN arranged teambuilding activities and games. The camp ended with lots of fun, entertainment along with useful information. The best part of the camp was the last day when every participant got the envelopes that contained notes written for them by other participants.

Beautiful place, youths from many countries and a wonderful weekend.

Thank you, Sogn of Fjordane Røde Kors, for inviting us to the camp.

Vinterferie in Røyrvik

Hello everyone, Namaste.

We hope that you are doing well.

The Picture describes more than the words. This time we are here with some picture collection which we have taken during vinterferie (winter holidays) in Røyrvik.

First day of vinterferie

Second day of vinterferie

Third day of vinterferie

Fourth and last of vinterferie

We hope that after seeing these pictures you got some ideas about our vinterferie.

Also, we hope you enjoyed our blog post.

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Deepak og Prakriti

Visit from Nepal Red Cross Society

On 17-19th of February, there was a visit by two representatives from Nepal Red Cross Society: Bal Krishna Sedai, Deputy director of Junior/Youth department and Bhuwan Paudel, President of Syanja district chapter. The main purpose of their visit to Steinkjer was to meet us, the delegates from Nepal to know how the exchange is going so far and to meet with our colleagues in district office to get to know each other, to exchange experiences and the work in both national societies.

We welcomed the representatives from our national society at Trondheim airport on Saturday morning and catched a train back to Steinkjer. They were very tired due to a very long journey, so they took rest for some time and then we showed them Steinkjer city & went to shopping mall together with them. After that we prepared Nepali food and ate dinner with them at our apartment. On Sunday, we went for sightseeing around Steinkjer and we also visited Egge gåurd with them. It is the place nearby Steinkjer city which carries Viking history. On that evening, we had an activity with volunteers of Steinkjer Red Cross youth group called ‘Ungdomscafe with taco night’ so we took our representatives to that activity where they got chance to meet with youth volunteers and to know more about Red Cross youth activities in Norway.

On Monday 19th February, we had a meeting with the representatives and our colleagues in district office where they introduced with each other and shared their works and experiences. Henry, one of our colleague showed a short video about Red Cross activities in Nord-Trondelag throughout a year which he prepares every year. Then, we ate typical Norwegian lunch in the district office together with our representatives and our colleagues. After lunch, we had a meeting with them and our local contact person, and we shared our work so far, cooperation with each other, our achievements and our plans ahead. We travelled to Trondheim airport together with them and they travelled back to Oslo.


On that evening, we also held a session about Nepal, Nepal Red Cross Society, YDEP and our work as youth delegates with members and volunteers of Stjørdal Rotary Club and Stjørdal Red Cross.

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Youth delegates from Nepal,

Prakriti and Deepak.




१४ फेब्रुअरीमा सन्त भ्यालेन्टाइनको सम्झनामा यो दिवस मनाइन्छ । यस दिन कुनै केटा वा केटीले प्रपोज गर्दा इन्कार गर्न सक्दैनन् भन्ने मान्यता पनि छ । भ्यालेन्टाइन्स डेमा प्रेमी–प्रेमिका, पति–पत्नीले एक–अर्कालाई गिफ्ट दिएर प्रेम साट्ने गर्छन् ।

इ.सं. २६९ को १४ फेब्रुअरीमा सन्त भ्यालेन्टाइनलाई फाँसी दिइएको थियो । भ्यालेन्टाइन रोमका पादरी थिए । उनी पादरी मात्र थिएनन्, प्रेमका पुजारी पनि थिए । त्यसैले उनलाई फाँसी दिइएको दिनलाई प्रेम दिवसका रूपमा विश्वभर मनाइन्छ ।रोमका शासक क्लाडियसले उनलाई फाँसी दिएका थिए । क्लाडियस तेस्रो शताब्दीमा रोमका सम्राट थिए । उनले भ्यालेन्टाइनलाई किन दिए त फाँसी ?

सम्राट क्लाडियसले त्यतिवेला पूरै राज्यमा अचम्मको आदेश जारी गरे । उनको आदेशमा भनिएको थियो कि अधिकारी या सैनिकले विवाह गर्न नपाउने । उनले विवाहलाई गैरकानुनी घोषणा गरिदिए । किनभने, अविवाहित पुरुषसँग अब्बल क्षमता हुन्छ भन्ने क्लाडियसको मान्यता थियो । विवाहपछि पुरुषको बुद्धि र शक्तिमा ह्रास आउने उनको अड्कल थियो । तर, यस्तो हुकुमलाई सन्त भ्यालेन्टाइनले अन्यायपूर्ण भएको बताए र विरोधमा उत्रिए । भ्यालेन्टाइन विरोधमा मात्र उत्रिएनन्, उनले कैयौँ अधिकारी, सैनिक र युवा जोडीको विवाह नै गराइदिए । उनले मानिसलाई विवाह गर्न प्रोत्साहित गर्थे । यस्तो गतिविधिलाई उनले निरन्तरता दिए ।

जब राजा क्लाडियसले यस्तो कुरा थाहा पाए त्यसपछि उनी निकै क्रोधित बने । र, भ्यालेन्टाइनलाई फाँसी दिने निर्णय गरे । १४ फेब्रुअरीको दिन उनलाई फाँसी दिइयो र भिया फ्लामिनियामा दहन गरियो । यही दिनलाई प्रेम दिवसका रूपमा मनाउन सुरु गरिएको हो ।

February 14 this day is considered in the remembrance of Saints Valentine. There is also a belief that no boy or girl can deny the prohibition on this day. In valentines day Lovers , Girlfriends, Lovers of Love, Love each other by sharing a gift to each other.

E.C. On 26th of 9th, Saints Valentine was hanged. Vientiane was the follower of Rome. He was not just a priest, even a priest of love. Therefore, the day given is hanged worldwide as a love day.Claudius of Rome ruled him. Claudius was the Emperor of Rome in the third century. Why did he hang on to Valentine?

King Claudius issued an amazing order in the whole state completely. His order was said that officials and soldiers would not get married. He announces the marriage illegal. Because the Claudius believed that an unmarried man had abundance ability. After marriage, he had the option to get rid of man's wisdom and power. However, this statement commanded saint valentine to be injustice and came up with the opposition. Valentine did not get into opposition, he married a number of officers, soldiers and young men. He encouraged a man to marry. He continued this activity.

When king Claudius knew that, then he became very angry. And, decided to hang Valentine. On 14th February he was hanged and was blew in Vienna. These days have been stared to celebrate the day of love. 

Happy Valentine's Day to All

We hope that you enjoyed our blog post.

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Tusen Takk


Deepak og Prakriti





Fjellhallen (Mountain Hall)

Have you ever played games in the cave below the mountain or ever imagined of doing that?

Maybe you haven’t but we did it.

This weekend we got an opportunity to visit one activity of Stjørdal Red Cross Omsorg called Åpen hall. It is the activity for young people and adults on every Friday from 19:30 to 22:30. There, young people come together and be active playing different games, as well as build networks and friendships. They can also get free fruits and waffles.

We visited that activity hall with one youth volunteer of Steinkjer Red Cross, where we introduced ourselves to the volunteers working there and joined different games with the participants. We played basketball, cricket, volleyball, table tennis and other different games. It was different experience of playing games there because that activity hall was inside the cave but well organized.

Ferie for alle gathering:

On that same evening, we participated in Ferie for alle gathering with the volunteers from Nord-Trøndelag and Sør-Trøndelag working with Ferie for alle activity. We were given responsibility to organize introduction games and energizers for the participants. We also joined the discussion about activities done in 2017 and their new plans for 2018.

On Saturday, there were different workshops regarding how we can work with children when we are in the field. Through powerpoint presentation, case study and group discussion, facilitators gave information about child welfare and how we should deal with children when we are working with them. All the workshops were in Norwegian but one of the participants helped us in translation and we showed our participation in all workshops: Barnevernvakta (Child welfare) and Kors på halsen.

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Tusen takk

Prakriti and Deepak.





Today we are going to share something interesting about place where we live. The place where we live is called Kongens Gate (King’s street). This place lies in the middle of Steinkjer city. Those things which are important in our daily life (doctor, different supermarkets, train station and bus stop) we can find within five minutes of walking. Also, we reach our office in five minutes by walking from the place where we live. We feel lucky to live in this place because it is easy to go anywhere within short time.

Our apartment is next to the road so every day we can see everything that is happening in that street. It is so difficult to see the crowd of people on the street in comparison to the city where we are from. We miss that crowded street here for five working days, but the weekend is so awesome because we are surrounded by some restaurant and bars. Also, in the weekend it is quite silent but not like rest five days; when 21.00 hit on the clock than slowly street starts to show the real face. The whole street starts becoming like a concert place; everywhere we can see the people and their shouting & cheering; also, we can easily hear the music which is being played on those restaurant and bars. If we are lucky sometimes we can see the real wrestling in the street.


Every weekend street wakes up from 22:00 to 03.00 on the next morning and help people to feel free from stress and enjoy with friends. We always have a question in our mind where do these people go for the five days because we only get chance to see the crowd of people on Friday evening at shopping centre and Saturday night on this street.

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Deepak og prakriti


Verdal Red Cross is one of the local branch of Nord-Trøndelag Red Cross. In this local branch different activities are being run to help the people who are in need. Verdal Red Cross Café is one activity of Verdal Red Cross to reach out to people who have difficulties in everyday life. This café meets a target group in the community who needs help in terms of being able to have a cheap meal, or maybe just a cup of coffee and a piece of cake, it may also be the people who just need a place to go out for talking to other people. This café is opened for three days in a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) and serves food to the people in very low price.


Last Wednesday, we also became a part of this café where we met some new people who were volunteering for Verdal Red Cross. After having some conversation with colleagues and volunteers who were working in the café, we came to know that mostly students, old people and people who have low income come to eat in the café even though it is open for everyone.

Thora Fornes, one of the volunteer in the café explained us about cooperation between café and super markets in Verdal and about positive responses they received from the people who visit the café. We helped the volunteers working in the café in making food and arranging table. We also got opportunity to have lunch in the café together with our colleagues working in Verdal and Levanger and had a good time there.

We hope that you enjoyed our blog post.

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Tusen Takk

Deepak og Prakriti





Skiing is a recreational activity and a winter sport in which the participant uses skis to glide on snow. The word ‘Ski’ is derived from the old Norwegian word ‘skíð’ which means a split piece of wood. Skiing was originally a form of transportation in Europe before it became a sport. Today in Norway, skiing is very popular, and it is said that the Norwegians are born with skis on their feet. We have snow for whole year in the mountain region of Nepal, but it is very difficult to do skiing due to geographical conditions.

 Last week, we got an opportunity to go for skiing with our contact person and other international delegates from Colombia and Madagascar. It was the first time we tried skiing and we realised that skiing is not that easy as it looks like. We borrowed some skis and ski boots from Red Cross and went to Steinkjer ski stadium. After reaching there, we put on skis on our feet and tried to walk on the snow. It was very uncomfortable to take first few steps, but we somehow learned how to walk with skis. Mona, our contact person was there to teach us how to do skiing and we practiced some time with her.

Falling (and getting up)

As we know if we fail while doing any activity or anything else we get a chance to learn new thing or find out a way to do it differently, same thing happened with us while practicing skiing. As we started to glide on snow we fell down a lot because we couldn’t maintain balance between our body and skis. The hard part was getting up, it was very difficult to get up because of skis attached to feet and we used to fall down again while trying to get up. Sometimes we felt embarrassed seeing children of 3-4 years doing skiing very easily without falling. Even though we were falling down a lot, we were happy because falling is a part of the game and without falling we can’t learn it.

We enjoyed skiing that day because we were with our friends and that was our first experience of skiing. We also enjoyed sliding on snow board. We are looking forward to doing ski again and we will surely share our experience with you. So, keep following our blogs.

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Tusen Takk!!!

Prakriti and Deepak.


Juleferie på Røros 2017/Christmas Holiday in Røros 2017

In our previous blog post, we said that we will share how we celebrated Christmas in Norway. So, we are here with another new blog post about celebration of Christmas.

 We don’t celebrate Christmas in our country like here in Norway. For us, it was the first time we have celebrated Christmas which was one of the amazing experience for us. We celebrated Christmas with Ferie for Alle (Holiday for all) together with other international youth delegates in Røros, one of the beautiful and historical place of Norway.

Ferie for alle was not new for us because we had already got chance to participate on it during autumn holiday but this time it was on Christmas time so we were more excited for this holiday. Our journey for Christmas holiday started from 22nd of December with 15 families (61 participants) from different parts of Nord-Trøndelag and Sør-Trøndelag. On the first day, we met with all the participants and volunteers and introduced ourselves. We, all youth delegates got responsibility for one family. We shared information about activities to our families.

On 23rd of December, we went for walking tour in Røros with the families, visited the church and decorated gingerbread with children. On 24th of December, we went for feeding reindeers and after coming back we helped in distributing gifts from Red Cross to the children. We joined the activities organized by Røros hotel for Christmas eve where we walked around Christmas tree by singing Christmas songs. At 5pm, Santa Claus came and gave gifts to all children. We enjoyed traditional Norwegian Christmas food. We, all six delegates enjoyed Christmas eve by exchanging gifts.

On Christmas day, we went for outdoor activities where we enjoyed snowboarding and skiing. After that we went for watching Christmas movie. On that evening we organized cultural evening where we performed song and dance from our country. We invited families to join us. They also performed singing and dancing from their countries. Other people who were staying in the hotel to celebrate Christmas also joined us. It was a very nice evening with multi-cultural experiences.

On 26th of December, we went for horse sledding and for visiting Røros museum. We organized cultural evening on that day also with a lot of dancing and singing and games for children. We spent a wonderful Christmas holiday in Røros with many indoor and outdoor activities, nice time with families and friends and lots of swimming, jacuzzi & sauna. On 27th of December, we travelled back to Steinkjer with good experiences and memories along with other delegates.

We wish you all a Happy New Year 2018.

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Prakriti and Deepak.


Christmas in Norway

 Christmas is an annual festival commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ. This is our first time we are going to celebrate Christmas. We feel ourselves lucky as we get opportunity to celebrate this festival with other delegates from Colombia and Madagascar in Røros which is a historical place of Norway.


We can compare the Christmas traditions of Norway with two big festivals of Nepal (Dashain and Tihar). In Dashain, all family members gather together, buy new clothes and eat good foods; and people here in Norway do the same in Christmas. In Tihar, we clean our houses and decorate the house with flowers and colourful lights; and in Norway people do those things during Christmas, they decorate Christmas tree, windows and sometimes whole house with lights. They also decorate streets with lights and the whole city looks beautiful and bright.


In Norway, Christmas is celebrated throughout the month of December. People light one candle on each Sunday in their house and it will be four candles on Christmas day. During these four weeks, people are busy in decorating houses, baking cakes and biscuits, buying gifts & Christmas cards for friends and family. People often go to the Christmas parties with friends & family and they call it “julebord” in Norwegian.


December 23 is called ``Little Christmas Eve``. Many families have their own traditions this evening, such as decorating the Christmas tree, making a gingerbread house, or eating risengrynsgrøt; a hot rice pudding served with sugar, cinnamon and butter. An almond is hidden in the pudding, and if the almond turns up in your portion, you win a marzipan pig!


Christmas Eve, December 24 is the main event in Norwegian Christmas celebration. The first part of the day is often spent rushing around for the last Christmas presents, or in church for Christmas service. At five the bells ring out for Christmas, and most people have Christmas dinner at home or with relatives. The Christmas presents have been placed under the tree, and are opened after dinner.


Today its December 24 and we are very excited to celebrate Christmas eve with our friends from Colombia, Madagascar and Norway.

Don't forget to read our next blog where we will share how we celebrated the Christmas in Norway.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas.

God Jul!

Prakriti and Deepak.


Tedious journey from Oslo to Steinkjer.

This is all about an incident that happened with us where time kicked us badly; when we were travelling back to our host district with our local contact person (Mona) after completing our midway evaluation programme at national office of Norwegian Red Cross, Oslo. We both have got different flights but there wasn’t too much difference in landing time, so we planned to take a train to Steinkjer at 21:43 from Trondheim airport. Now you might be thinking what happened with us; like Tom and Jerry cartoon our flight time was playing hide and seek with us. Our real flight time was 20:15 from Oslo airport to Trondheim airport but it was delayed by 20 minutes for us and by 40 minutes for Mona; here this delay affected Mona because she was unable to take that train and we made another plan and decided to take a bus from Trondheim airport to Steinkjer.  After five minutes of planning, we got a notice that our flights were delayed once again, and new flight time was 21:00 for Mona and 21:10 for us. We were really disappointed this time as we had to wait for long time and we were feeling very tired.


Finally, we reached Trondheim airport at 21:55 and we waited for 5 minutes for Mona as we arrived earlier than her. Then we ran down to the bus station and checked the schedule but the last bus going to Steinkjer on Friday was at 20:40. We had no another option than waiting for next train and the next train was coming after about two hours. We went back to the airport and stayed in the waiting area for two hours which was very boring. We took train from Trondheim airport at 23:34 and reached our apartment at 01:15 in the morning. It was very tedious journey from Oslo to Steinkjer.


 How do you feel when you need to wait almost one hour for flight to take off and again two hours more to catch the train to reach your destination when you are tired?


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Merry Christmas to all.

Deepak & Prakriti



“End Isolation

End Stigma

                    End HIV Transmission”

World AIDS Day is celebrated on 1st December each year. This year we celebrated World AIDS Day in a different way with the youth volunteers of Vikna Red Cross. We organized a Stand in the High School of Rørvik to aware young people about HIV and AIDS where we distributed red ribbons, condoms, brochures, candies and peperkaker to the students who came to visit our stand. We made a Signature Campaign to unite young people in the fight against HIV and to end Isolation, Stigma and HIV Transmission. We also prepared Quiz questions related to HIV & AIDS and distributed them to the students to test their knowledge about the disease. The students were curious to give answers to the Quiz questions and one of the teacher of High School took the Quiz questions from our stand and then discussed about those questions in his class. We were very happy to see the students becoming curious and asking us questions about our stand and HIV.

After making Stand in High School for 2 hours, we went to the Secondary School of Rørvik along with other youth volunteers where we celebrated World AIDS Day with the students of Grade 8 & 9. We gave a short powerpoint presentation about HIV, its causes, symptoms and preventive measures to the students and some teachers of Secondary School. Trine, leader of Vikna Red Cross Youth Group helped us in translating our presentation into Norwegian so that the students can understand us clearly. After the presentation, we distributed the Quiz questions to all the students to check their knowledge about HIV. Trine teached the young students how to use condoms by doing Condom Demonstration. The students were shy when Trine was teaching them how to use condom but after a while they came in front of the class and practiced by themselves. We also distributed condoms, candies and peperkaker to them after the program. The students and teachers of Secondary School were happy with us that we came to their school for giving some information about HIV & AIDS.

Also, we encouraged the volunteers of Vikna Red Cross Youth Group to do similar activities next year too. We had also made arrangement to do Candle Light on that evening to commemorate people who have died from HIV but due to the Snowy weather we had to cancel that program. Overall, we celebrated World AIDS Day in different way than in our country, but we were successful to create awareness among many young people about HIV and AIDS.

Condom Demonstration by Trine

Here is a video showing how the 12 Youth Delegates celebrated World AIDS Day 2017 in 4 corners of the world with a common campaign #Let’sEndIt.

This is our story about how we celebrated World AIDS Day. If you want to share with us how you celebrated this day, please write it in the comment box below or you can also send us message in our facebook account: Deepak Ungdomsdelegat or Prakriti Ungdomsdelegat.

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Tusen Takk

Prakriti and Deepak.