Journey to Predeparture

Delegates canoeing at the lake in Eidene. Photo by Annie Carolina Tellez .

Delegates canoeing at the lake in Eidene. Photo by Annie Carolina Tellez .

Hurray! Four weeks old in Norway and full of energy, quite impressed by what life unfolds every day.


We have just finished the pre-mission induction organized by the Youth Delegate Exchange Program (YDEP) for all the Youth Delegates. The sessions were quite rigorous gathering tools and skills. All the same, it has been an opportunity for us to meet, interact and share about our National Societies. 

As part of the induction process, we were oriented about the Norwegian Red Cross where they have three departments Hjelpekorps- Search and Rescue, Omsorg- Care department and Ungdom- Youth. This is how we got our second identity on Facebook Ungdomsdelegat.

Oslo has been our temporal residence with pieces of training held at the Norwegian Red Cross headquarters. We also got the chance to visit a Red Cross Center at Eidene. Eidene is in scenic surroundings at Tjøme municipality with forest, beach, rocks, and pier. It was one of the best places team building and training was done. 

Later in the month, we were privileged to attend the Annual Norec Camp at Hurdal. The camp was so awesome! We joined fellow youth going for similar exchange programs. This year, a total of 218 participants from Latin America, Asia, African countries as well as Norwegians were present. It was delightful to meet youths from different continents one planet enthusiastic to make a change through exchange. Different workshops and seminars were held at the camp including youth leadership, communication, justice, and culture among others. 

During our free time, we got to tour Oslo with my colleagues exploring the immense beauty and great artwork the city holds. 

It has been the start of a journey now set to keep it rolling as we move to our host local branches. I will be going to Bærum municipality west from Oslo. Looking forward to being there and to share with you.

For more stories follow, You can also follow YDEP- Red Cross Youth Delegates Exchange Programme to hear more stories from other youth delegates.

Welcome!- Velkommen!

Hallo -Hello

Welcome to my first blog!

Pauline here a youth delegate from Kenya coming to Norway for a Youth Delegate Exchange Program with Norwegian Red Cross. I am so excited to share my experiences with you through blogs.

During the mission, I will be in Bærum branch in Akershus District working together with young volunteers to strengthen capacity and supporting youth activities.

Currently, I am with fellow delegates from Norway and Colombia. We are on training before we move for the mission. It's been exciting to interact with delegates from the two national societies while getting to learn more about culture and Norwegian language.

Its a wonderful experience being in Norway and I am looking forward to sharing with you during this mission.

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Feel free to share your thoughts, comments, suggestions, and questions.

Hyggelig! (Nice)