the mayor of Karmøy joins red cross youth volunteers in celebration of world aids day

Working with people who need help and support has really transformed our life, it has made us appreciate  a lot of things about life and we are very happy for being given the opportunity to care and support others. It is in this day, (1st December) that we celebrate and remind those far and wide about the need to show love to everyone who is affected by HIV/AIDS and stop discriminating those who are living with AIDS. Let us rise and make the world a more beautiful place!

At least we managed to distribute 1 000 condoms and 300 packages of 2 candies,1 Red AIDS ribbon,condom manual and HIV/AIDS awareness leaflets. Karmøy Red Cross youth volunteers did a great job by helping with translation of English to Norsk.

We had the stand in different places of Karmøy namely: Kopervik, Åkra and Skudenes. Where we successfully did this great job and what is more interesting is that Jarle Nilsen (mayor of Karmøy)  joined us, everything was successful.

There was also a quiz competition about HIV-AIDS