Nepali Night

Namaste and Welcome!!

Out of four objectives of YDEP, Cultural exchange is one of the best Objective. Last time, we organized Nepali Night in Fellesverket in Baerum Red Cross. Fellesverket opens for twice a week (Every Tuesday and Thursday), people can come over here and spend their free time by making new friends and, also can taste the varieties of food. This house is opened for everyone. This time we had presentation about Nepal, Nepali culture, our Nepali society, and our voluntary works done in Nepal and, also about the YDEP for our colleagues in Baerum Red Cross, local youths and the volunteer of Red Cross Youth, everyone was showing their interest which made us feel happy and proud.

Nepal is a colourful garden of 125 castes and ethnic groups each ethnic group has its own language and culture and each culture has its own cultural food. The program objective was to exchange culture and spread love and harmony with the people from different corner of the world. The program began with Power-point presentation. We also prepared the Nepali food as we used to prepare in Nepal with the believe that celebration of Nepali food is celebration of our bonding which binds us together. After presentation, we served Dal-Bhat, which is a traditional dish of lentils and spices served with steamed rice which is eaten throughout Nepal. All the participants enjoyed a delicious Nepali dinner with traditional Nepali music in a background.

Similarly, the best part of that night was the arrival of our YDEP National Coordinator Marte Franck whose presence made us more energetic to celebrate it. And we felt very happy to share and promote our culture and YDEP among youths. We are also looking forward to Learn about other countries culture as well.

Thank you for following our blog.

Youth Delegates from Nepal,

Saseena and Nishan