Welcome Dinner in Sandvika

Namaste and Welcome!!

After successful completion of one month of pre-departure training, practical information and workshops, finally, we are here in our host branch Bærum Røde Kors in Arkeshus district. It was our second visit to Bærum Røde Kors. We, two youth delegates with support of our local contact person, and other employees started our journey with excitement and curiosity to meet youths at Fellesverket and also to know more about the place. During our journey to Sandvika, weather was very good and was also welcoming us. We were also very excited to visit our apartment where we are going to stay for 9 months and relief from shuffling of luggage and backpacks here and there.  

After 30 minutes of travel from Oslo, finally we reached our destination, where our Local contact person Cathrine Kvamme Elger was waiting for us to welcome. Instead of going to our apartment, first we went to visit our office where all our colleagues were waiting for us to have launch together. It helped us to be familiar with them. After launch, our local contact person took us to our apartment in Bekkestua and helped us in using different electronic machines. Around 18:00, she took us to the Fellesverket for welcome dinner. We stay there upto 21:00.

They made good arrangements for the programme with special Norwegian delicious food (vaffels), hanging printed flag of Nepal and Norway in an attractive way. Their warm welcome and presence, introduction with the youths coming to the Fellesverket and playing games with them gave us energy to work. We shared information about our country with them. We had a wonderful time with energetic youths.

Stay tune with us in our journey for next nine months!!


Thank You

Tusen Takk

Saseena and Nishan