First experience of Christmas

Welcome and Namaste!

This year the Christmas lights were switched on 1st of December in Sandvika. Lights -lights - and more lights! We felt like we were celebrating Dipawali which is the second biggest festival in Nepal, and in this time, family put lights all over their houses.

The first day of December Baerum Red Cross House arranged Christmas party and it was open for all. During the day, they served Christmas cream (risgrøt), gingerbread, juice and coffee. Over 50 stopped by, consisting of volunteers, children with their family, and others.

Baerum Red cross together with the municipality of Bærum arranged a parade in Løkkehaven outside the Red Cross House. We were very excited to join this activity too. It was a memorable day to celebrate that festival specially with kids. Children were distributing torch, oranges, and gingerbread to the participants. Traffic police was giving instruction to all about torch train in road. Hundreds of people gathered and prepared for torch train outside Red Cross House along with Christmas music. It was awesome moment for us. The torch train then went through Sandvika and up to the Town Hall where the big Christmas tree was lit.

When we reached there, we saw a big stage and a huge Christmas tree decorated with lights. The Tree provided a central focus for Ceremony and lots of entertainment performed by different groups. The mayor was greeting all the people for the peace. Together with children by saying 3, 2, and 1, she flipped the switch to light the Christmas tree. The tree lighting took place at around 6 p.m. The evening includes live entertainment, and more. We enjoyed live music and made some special memories on that day.

After participating this activity, we agreed that one of our favourite things about Christmas is the lights. Christmas season has already started, and we are looking forward to learn more about Christmas during this year.

Keep following our blogs to know how we will be celebrating our first Christmas.

Stay tuned

Tusen Takk

Saseena og Nishan