Bandy, a game similar to Ice hockey

Hello and Namaste to all!!!

We would like to share our first experience of Bandy game in Norway. Hope you will enjoy it.

Bandy is the second most popular winter sport played on ice in Norway, using sticks skaters directing a single round ball into the opposing team's goal. The nickname for bandy is winter football where two teams of 11 players each compete. Like football, there are eleven players on each team, the game is normally played in halves of 45 minutes each, it is played on ice like ice hockey, but like field hockey and the bandy field is about the same size as a football pitch. The team that has scored more goals at the end of the game is the winner. The Basic pieces of equipment are Bandyball, bandy stick, and a player should wear, a pair of Bandy skates, a helmet, a mouth guard and, in the case of the goalkeeper, a face guard.

When we came to Ringstabekk in September 2018, We didn't plan on watching a bandy game and we certainly didn't know how much we would love it! Soon after our stay in Bekkestua, the time had come for our inauguration into the world of ice Bandy. There is Bandy field near our residence in Ringkroken, Bekkestua. During winter, we had a really nice time after watching many tournaments. It was the first experience for both of us, so we were very excited to see how the game goes and more about it. Our Local Contact Person helped us to find out such a beautiful place for us.

We had a really nice experience about Bandy game. The first game we watched was between Team Stabekk and Team Ready. After reaching there, we started talking with kids and their families. During that game we also got a chance to meet our own house owner and other neighbours, they helped us to explain the rules of the game and everything. We cannot express how much happy we were at that time because that game helped us to get more familiar with our neighbours too. The game was at night so weather was really cold, we went to our room to make coffee during break time to get warmed up because we need to be careful of our health because as a beginner fan, it means we will stand outside for two 45 minutes halves in freezing temperatures. Later, we knew that every Sunday field opens free for all. After that, we also went out on Sunday to watch and enjoy the practice game. Many people came here because it was free to practice every Sunday. Adults used to come before 12 and played match by dividing team, after 12 most of the children with their family used to come there. Family helps their children to put warm clothes and provide related materials. Parents were there to teach children how to play Bandy and spend a nice time with them.

It was the first time we were watching the bandy game and we realized that bandy is a great way to see a bit of Local European Culture, but it is not that easy as it looks like.

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Saseena and Nishan