Norwegian Conversation

Hello and Namaste!!!

This time we are going to share an interesting experience with you. We have language classes once a week for 2 hours and we are learning new language (Norwegian). We enjoyed a lot. In order to show that what we have learned till the date, we made a short drama conversation between an employee in Baerum Red Cross and a new Youth Delegate.

The conversation showed in the video has been translated as below in English.

Employee: Hi, Can I help you?

Youth Delegate:  Yes. I am a Youth Delegate from Nepal. My name is Saseena. What’s your name?

Employee:  My name is Nishan. You are going to work with me on Fellesverket here on the house.

Youth Delegate: Can you tell me a little about Fellesverket?

Employee:  Yes. Of course, I can. Fellesverket house is made available for us where Tuesday and Thursday are for young people between 15 and 25 years. The youths come here to get new friends to participate in activities, eating together, and some to do homework.

Youth Delegate: So great! I’m looking forward to work with you and my youth. I’m also looking forward to learn more about Norway.

Employee: So good! I hope you will enjoy it. We are going to make a lot of good food from different countries, and you will meet people from different cultures when you work here. You should also learn about Norway, get a little bit around, and get Norwegian during the time you are with us.

Youth Delegate: Thank you. They hear great Nishan.

Employee:  Clock is half past twelve! Should we go for lunch Saseena?

Youth Delegate: Yes. Do it.

(End of Conversation)

We learned some of the words from our previous youth delegates from Nepal before we came here in Norway. At that time, we thought that learning Norwegian language was not our cup of tea but, we changed our mentality when we started our language class for the first time. Baerum Red Cross help us to manage private language class with May-Britt Halvorsen for our betterment. Our language teacher is very frank. She gave her 100%. We have to do lots of exercises. She Categorize classes into three parts like speaking, reading, and writing. According to her, we are practicing everyday with people in our work. It helps us in our work. We are really thankful to her and expect to be perfect in Norwegian at the end of mission.

We hope that you enjoyed a lot. We will come with more interesting stories in the future. Keep following us.

Tusen Takk!!

Saseena og Nishan

Youth Delegates from Nepal