Glimpses of our everyday life

You have seen the Madagascar movies, right? The lemur King Julian dancing, shouting “l like to move it, move it”. If you think that a Disney production portrays the whole reality, then you might be a bit surprised when you continue reading this blogpost.

There might not be any elephants, giraffes or lions in Tsiroanomandidy but we can state that there are a lot of Zebus (cattle) here. So far it has not been a day where we have not passed or seen several herds. On Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays the herds tend to be particularly huge since Tsiroanomandidy is the venue for a large cattle market and people come hereto both sell and buy Zebus. In Madagascar Zebus are used as draft animals and to tread down the fields before the rice is planted out. Further, Zebus are considered to be a sign of wealth and for many people a purchase of this animal is regarded as an investment.

In Tsiroanomandidy there is a public meeting in front of the office of the regional authorities in Bongolava every Monday at 08:30 am. All participants line up prior to the meeting and sing the Malagasy national anthem. The regional authority gathers the citizens of Tsiroanomandidy to make announcements and share information about recent developments in the region. It is also an excellent opportunity for organizations to inform about their activities and this week we introduced ourselves and our work to the community.

On our way to work we drive through the colourful and buzzing village centre of Tsiroanomandidy. As you can see on the movie, it usually entails manoeuvring zig zag between “Posy Posy’s” and pedestrians.

We hope you have enjoyed these glimpses of our everyday life Tsiroanomandidy. If there is there anything else you would like to see, let us know by commenting below or contact Kristina or Maria on Facebook :)