Four languages in Tsiroanomandidy village

The youth volunteers in Tsiroanomandidy are learning Norwegian. They are saying "welcome to Tsididy and Madagascar Red Cross", followed by "my name is..." 

Did you know that the official languages in Madagascar are Malagasy and French? 
Neither one of us, Maria and Kristina, had any knowledge of Malagasy prior to this exchange and our French skills were limited. Some people might look at this as a challenge, but for us it has been a true opportunity. We know it is a cliché, but we are actually learning new words every single day! Our daily communication is in four different languages; Norwegian, English, French and Malagasy. Some days we feel proud when we notice that what we communicate in French or Malagasy is correct, but sometimes our communication leads to funny moments or numerous people looking like question marks. Ironically, today was one of those moments which gave us a good laugh when we learned “quelle bâtise” which means “nonsence” in English and “tull og tøys” in Norwegian. And yes, a lot of what we try to say, ends up being nonsense.

Therefor we appreciate those times when the language you speak is not that essential and we can just enjoy the moment. Like today when we played basketball with the youth volunteers, we had a lot of fun.