Volunteerism is essential in humanitarian action

"There is no higher calling than when a person gives his or her own knowledge, skills, time or resources to someone in need of help or comfort. This is the fundamental principle of volunteerism" - IFRC

Before we became Youth Delegates, we both had several years of Red Cross volunteering experience. We believe our volunteering experience have given us unique opportunities to contribute to the community, learn new skills and work alongside with other Red Cross volunteers. The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) is the world’s largest humanitarian and development network, with volunteers based in 189 National Societies.

The value of volunteers is great, not only for the Red Cross Red Crescent Societies, but for the communities and the person volunteering. Imagine all the essential humanitarian services that could not have been delivered without the support of volunteer networks. Voluntary service in the communities provides an environment where citizens can engage, make a difference and enhance social solidarity and social capital. To make sure that the volunteer networks continue to grow and expand, there is a need for consecutively recruitment.

In Tsiroanomandidy, we recently had a stand outside of the city hall to recruit new volunteers. The recruitment was mainly targeted towards youth volunteers, but there were people inn all ages who were interested in knowing more about the work of Red Cross in Tsiroanomandidy and the rest of the region of Bongolava. We had made posters, prepared animations and had a microphone and speakers to make sure everyone passing got information about Red Cross. The youth volunteers were in good spirit and engaged with the community members to encourage them to become Red Cross volunteers.

An educational song about personal hygiene