Youth as Agents for Behavioral Change (YABC)

One of the three strategic directions for the IFRC’s work in Strategy 2020 is to promote a culture of non-violence and peace(CNV+P).  Therefore, IFRC started the initiative Youth as Agents of Behavioral Change (YABC). The program seeks to empower individuals to take up an ethical leadership role in their community. The YABC learning approach utilizes games, role-plays, simulations and visualization exercises to introduce the participants to thematic issues and enabling  them to develop their personal skills. 

YABC are structured after the following three categories;
1. The seven Fundamental Principles of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement
2. YABC ethical leadership and role-modelling skills
3. YABC values

To give the youth volunteers in Tsiroanomandidy YABC knowledge and experience, we invited two YABC-instructors to conduct a full day workshop. The youth volunteers decided which topics within each of the three categories they felt were the most important for them and the community: 

1 - Volunteering and humanity
2 - Prevention and intercultural dialogue
3 - Empathy and Critical Thinking, Abandonment of Prejudice and Non-Judgment

By gaining this YABC experience, the youth volunteers have been given the opportunity to open their eyes to the cultural and society norms that influences each one of them. In addition, that they have started developing an ability to challenge their assumptions, change their perspectives, think in a different way and find potential solutions to violence.