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We are Maria and Kristina the first Red Cross Youth Delegates to Madagascar.

Maria and Kristina, Red Cross Youth Delegates

Maria and Kristina, Red Cross Youth Delegates

For the next 9 months we will be living in the city Tsiroanomandidy, working with youth volunteers in Bongolava region. In this blog, you can read about our work, experiences and thoughts as Red Cross Youth Delegates. If you want to follow us on facebook you are welcome to add Maria Ungdomsdelegat and Kristina Ungdomsdelegat. While we are in Madagasacar, Aina and Maeva from Madagascar will work for the Norwegian Red Cross in Nord-Trøndelag district, Norway. You can follow their blog here.

Maria is 24 years old from Norway. Her background is in International Studies and Development Studies from Oslo, Germany and Vietnam. She has 7 years volunteering experience in the Red Cross at local, national and international level. Her main areas of focus within the organization have been International Humanitarian Law, twinning projects at district level and Organizational Development, but she has also volunteered in various migration programs.

Kristina is a 25 years old from Norway. She has 12 years of volunteering experience and the past 3 years has been in Oslo Red Cross in the activity "Right to be seen" where she has done preventative work for potential victims of human trafficking. She has also been working for Norway Red Cross as a Psycho Social Support-Delegate for newly arrived immigrants. Her background is in Administration and Management and Development Studies. Kristina has gained international experience from 7 different African countries through volunteer, study and internship programs.

We are both very eager to work with the Malagasy Red Cross Youth volunteers, learn Malagasy and French and getting to know the Malagasy culture. Hopefully we also get the chance to climb baobab threes and see a lemur for the first time.

Stay tuned!