Hipp hipp hurra!!

What an amazing experience!!

What a shock for us to see how we celebrate the national day here. The people are more smiling, wearing their different "Bunad" (traditional dress) and for a day, the streets are animated and the city is noisy.
To celebrate this special day, they have the tradition of starting with a big breakfast before making the "train" as they call it. The train is a walk followed by different traditions. Where we celebrated it (Inderoy, Nord Trondelag), we walked for two good hours but were really fun.

The train, stop at the church for a mass, and go to the culture house where there will be speech and games. Once arrived at destination, everyone rushed to go into a room, and I thought maybe they are going to the bathroom, but it was to buy hot dogs and icecream, for them another tradition. Then, eat and for children, play different games like bag race and (Especially for children).

 For us (Malagasy), national day means only day off. We are happy because it is a free day, a day where you can rest and stay at home, and for some family and prepare Malagasy dishes.

Anyway, it was an experience like no other !!