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Last Tuesday (21/03/17) we had a quiz night event at a youth house in Verdal called Panzer.

In collaboration with Verdal Red Cross Youth and Peer (the manager of Panzer), we organized a Red Cross quiz for the young people that go in Panzer every Tuesdays.

What was the reason of doing that quiz? Simple, we wanted to introduce the Red Cross to those young people in order to give them knowledge about the humanitarian work in the Red Cross and to have more visibility of the Red Cross Youth among young people living in Verdal.

Around 40 participated in the quiz, divided into 6 groups. Others were spectators.

We also wanted to invite them for Red Cross youth activities but right after we gave the prizes to the winners, everyone disappeared (they returned to their games, since we were in a youth house full of games). That’s what happens when you’re dealing with youth (it was rather teenagers than young people). But that was fine, that will be a lesson for next time, don’t give the prizes until you finish everything :)

That was a cool experience.


Before we did the quiz, we showed the participants a video of the “Story of an idea” where they could find the answers.

So, if the Red Cross is very new to you, watch this video first, and answer the questions after (no cheating please, watch only once). If you are already in the Red Cross-Red Crescent Movement, just do it right away.

READY? HERE ARE THE QUESTIONS (you can put your answers in the comment section if you want)

Next time, there will be a quiz embed directly to the blog but for now, we’ll do it simple)


1.      Who founded Red Cross?
a) Alfred Bernard Nobel
b) Kofi Annan
c) Florence Nightingale
d) Henry Dunant

2.      When was the battle of Solferino?

a-      May 08, 1828

b-      June 24, 1835

c-      June 24, 1859

3.      When was the book “Memory of Solferino” published?

a-      1860

b-      1862

c-      1864

4.      When was Red Cross founded?
a) 1859
b) 1863
c) 1874
d) 1900

5.      What is the emblem of Red Cross?
a) Red cross with blue background
b) Red cross with yellow background
c) Red cross with white background
d) Yellow cross with red background

6.      When is World Red Cross Day?
a) 1 March
b) 8 May
c) 4 June
d) 9 April

7.      Where is the HQ of The International Committee of the Red Cross?
a) Geneva
b) Rome
c) Tokyo
d) New York

8.      Which of the following is not a fundamental principle of Red Cross?
a) Impartiality
b) Compulsory Service
c) Independence
d) Humanity

9.      What do you think Henry Dunant had as characteristics to be able to create this humanitarian Movement? (put cross on the correct answers)

o   Innovation

o   Compassion

o   Persistence

o   Leadership

o   Visibility

o   Commitment

10.  What are the working areas of Norwegian Red Cross Youth?



That was easy, right? I hope you had fun doing it.

Don’t worry, correct answers will come very soon on the next article.

P:S: don’t forget, the three first winners will get a prize xD

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