Hello people!!!

First of all, I would like to say happy new year to everyone especially you who have been following us since the very beginning.

Many of my friends keep asking me: “what are you doing in Norway exactly, what kind of work is that?”

So I wrote this article to enlighten you about these questions.

Besides, the application process for the next youth delegate has already started.  If you’re interested to be the next youth delegate, read this:

What is a Youth Delegate doing?

  • Facilitating: after having a nine days and one month of intensive trainings about a lot of things such as facilitation techniques, communication, leadership, culture, first aid, street mediation…, the Youth Delegates will be facilitating trainings or workshops for others. 
  • Working with a co-delegate: a youth delegate is not working alone, he/she has a co-delegate and they are working together in one district of the host country.
  • Learning and studying: when you are a Youth Delegate, you learn from your experience in the field, from the people that you work with, from your successes and failures. But it can be literally as well, for example learning the language of the country or having more courses useful for your work.
  • Being an employee: which means that you have to write reports, attend meetings, send mails, make calls, be at the office, arrive in time, … and drink a lot of coffees :-)
  • Working with young volunteers: you will be living in one district and supporting the local Red Cross youth groups there, which means participating or organizing activities with them, attending their meetings, facilitating workshops for them (as mentioned earlier), and all other ways that you could find to support them.
  • Representative of your National Society and your Country: as soon as you are abroad, you no longer represent yourself but all your country, people wouldn’t know much about your country and your cultures, so they would discover those through you. But as a Youth Delegate, you also represent your National Society.
  • Fredskorpset (FK) participant: this program is in cooperation with Fredskorpset (means 'Peace Corps' in English, kinda Peace Corps Norwegian version) and you will participate in a Youth camp with them where you will get a lot of trainings, meet many people and have so much fun for around one week. More about FK here: http://www.fredskorpset.no/en
  • Sharing your work: you will be sharing your work through the official YDEP blog (www.ydep.no) and all sort of social medias (facebook account and page, Instagram, youtube, snapchat, …)
  • Having some fun: life as a Youth Delegate is not only about work, it’s also about having fun, connecting with people and having new friends, discovering new cultures and countries.

This is a non-exhaustive list, wanna know more about the Youth Delegates and YDEP?

For the Norwegians (you have until the first of March if you wanna apply this year), click here : https://candidate.hr-manager.net/ApplicationInit.aspx?cid=1212&ProjectId=143805&DepartmentId=18977&MediaId=5&SkipAdvertisement=False#sthash.2hJRbLW5.gbpl and for the Malagasy (you have until 18th of January), here: http://www.ydep.no/s/Appel-candidature_YDEP-2017-2018.pdf 

Or just comment a question!

So, after knowing all these, what are you waiting for, apply and become the next Youth Delegate :-)

See you!


Youth Delegates 2016-2017